Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles)


"I'm sorry for letting you do this. Remember, I love you, forever and always," He says as he wipes every ounce of tears that were constantly falling with his thumb as he cups my face.

“No! Please!” I begged as they pulled Harry even faster, my grip slowly tugging away, but I managed to hold on. “It wasn’t his fault! I-It was mine!” I plead one more time, hoping this would enlighten them to take me instead of him.


2. Chapter 2

Claire’s POV


As I wake up from my slumber, realizing my first day of school again in a long time, I forgot how it felt like. I’ll never get used to this, that’s for sure. I slowly got up and headed for the bathroom to get this gross morning feeling out of me.


As I head out, I was then standing in front of my clothes laid on the bed with another thing. A wig, a blonde wig to be exact. I tried to hold back my unbearable laugh, knowing I’ll be like Hannah Montana and all, I put my normal clothes on and tried on the wig, which was different to my natural hair. The wig did look like it belongs to Hannah Montana and I have to admit, It did look good on me. Facing the mirror, I thought I’d never recognize myself. I look like an entirely different person.


This might probably work, I tell myself, confident.


My stuff is already ready at the dorm, so like I just have to go there before classes start.

I enter the establishment and look for my room, 203, written on the piece of paper. The keys to my room I hold in my hand making tingly noises as I climb up the stairs to my room.

I walked a bit until I make it to the rooms on the second floor.




Here I am. I grab the keys again and put them on the doorknob until I can’t turn it, it was hard.

“Are you Claire?” I jumped up, shocked hearing the echoing voice of a girl. I turned a bit, frozen that anyone might know who I am, and faced a blonde with blue eyes, probably my age, smiling brightly at me. “Uh- yeah,” I say shyly, still very frozen as she examines every feature of me, especially my face. I don’t know what to expect.What if she does recognize me and pull out my wig, revealing myself? I’d be on the headline of every newspaper, magazine, and website imaginable.

“I’m Jen! I’m your neighbor, from room 204,” She said nicely, pointing to her room next door. “Here, I got it,” She sees that I’m having trouble opening the door. “The doors here are always like that, they’ll get use to it once you open the door every day,” She finally opened it. The walls colored dull light blue. The usual necessities are there, bed, bathroom, and kitchen, though there are quite a few new things like a television, fridge, and other things the palace maybe bought for my needs. The room looks very cozy, needs more work though, but it’ll be fine once I decorate it and make it feel like home, and by home, a bit of the palace and a bit of my old home. “You’re the new student, right? I’m Jen,” She introduced again, now stretching out her hand. I softly shook it and from the looks of her face, she’s a bit of a popular in class. She dresses very fashionably, very sociable and stuff. “Nice to meet you Jen,” I gave her an effortless smile, not wanting to scare her and run away, losing the one and only friend I might have in this school. We stood there for a minute until I hear a loud beep, breaking the silence. She pulled out her phone from her pocket and stopped the beeping. “We’re gonna be late for class! Come with me,” She grabbed her bag and so did I and followed her out of the dorm and to the school, only a few walks away. We both entered the doors in less than five minutes. “Do you have your schedule?” Jen says in between catching breaths. “Oh, yes. I have them right here,” I said as I pulled a piece of paper from my bag. She grabbed the paper and looked at it and from the looks of her, she knows where to go. She then lets go of the paper and starts walking. I follow her to the classroom where it looks like everyone knows everyone, I already feel left out and it’s only been like fifteen seconds.

“Hey guys!” Jen exclaimed, going to the direction of her friends. And with that, I really am left out now, but I never minded. Last time I was in high school, I was just the same, no one talks to me, well sometimes or occasionally when they need help. I looked around, trying to find a vacant seat. There was one at the near end of the room. I quickly made my way there without making a scene whatsoever and put my bags down and sit and look at the people around the room.

A few minutes of roaming my eyes around the classroom, a woman, probably in her 30’s entered the room and as soon as she did, the students stopped what they were doing and head back to their seats as the woman starts to speak. “Good morning class,” She said in a pleasing tone, while the students replied the opposite way, like they didn’t eat breakfast or something, but the teacher didn’t mind, thinking she’s received these greetings all the time.

“I see we have a new student, why don’t you introduce yourself to the class?” I froze again, stunned when she said the words and gestured her hand to me and everyone just stared at me as if I did something wrong. “Uh- I’m Claire Valdez,” I managed to mutter out despite the tied tongue and knees trembling. As you can see, I didn’t change my last name but I used Claire as my name, not my usual princess, Clarisse, too classy for the likes of me.

“And what do you do?” Damn it, what do I do? I can’t cook. No that’s stupid, they’ll make fun of me. I can’t just say ‘I’m the princess of England and I just sit all day in the palace’ “I play the guitar,” I tell them, the words just unexpectedly came out of my mouth. “Alright then, thank you Ms. Valdez,” She said, I sat back down but I still feel someone’s eyes on me, I try to ignore and relax from that mini heart attack.



“Let’s go home together!” Jen caught up to me as I almost made my way out of the school.

Today was just a normal first day, since I was the only new student; introductions were always made, every time the teachers change and it’s always boring and I still remember barely half of them. I always plaster a smile to my teachers so I don’t make a bad impression on them. “How was your first day?” She asked, trying to keep the conversation starting. “Fine, haven’t made any friends,” I say as she laughs. “You have me!” She then says, looking all fake hurt. A few girly conversations were made until I realized we were already in the hallway, our rooms just in front of us. “Wanna see my room?” She asked as I was about to grab the keys from my pocket. “Okay,” I say nicely, putting back the keys and let her pull my wrist and take me to her room. As she opened the door, photos of unfamiliar faces were plastered on the wall. “Sorry, I’m a directioner, but who cares!” She shrieked and I giggled. “A directio- what?” I asked, regaining consciousness and totally confused. “You don’t know who One Direction are?” She examined me and raised her eyebrows. “Not really. What is this One Direction you speak of?” I asked, then quickly covered my mouth shut, realizing I’m using my elegant talking. I have to stop doing this, talking sophisticated or else she might suspect a thing. “Whoa, stop with the fancy talking there. Anyways, they are just five amazing boys on the planet!” She exclaimed, fangirl mode definitely on. I examined the pictures even more, sinking in every poster stuck to the wall and got a bit interested. “Want me to introduce them to you?” She turned to me, seeing the curiosity and interest in my eyes. “Sure,” I smiled as she grabbed a scrapbook from the shelf at the top of her bed, barely noticeable from all the posters and a laptop and went for the bed. She patted the empty space beside her, signaling me to sit beside her. I then walk slowly until I reach the bed.

“You ready?” She says, as if we’re going to a rollercoaster or something. I nod a yes and she smiles wider. “Are you sure?” She asks again. I nod again, assuring her.

“Okay then, first up, Niall Horan. He loves food, no doubt about it. He can play the guitar and he’s the only Irish of the group. He’s the blonde one over there,” She pointed to one of the posters beside us of a blonde sticking on her wall, and in the scrapbook.

“Liam Payne, afraid of spoons, had only one kidney, and was rejected 22 times. The one with the birthmark on his neck,” She says next. For a dude like him, rejected 22 times, now that’s harsh, I mean the girl is blind; did she even take a good look at this Liam boy? And had only one kidney, that had to be really hard for him, but at least he’s better now, maybe better than better. He’s 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world for Pete’s sake!

Jen then looked at me as I snapped out of my thoughts and gave her a nod, telling her that I can absorb every word she was saying.

“Zayn Malik, Bradford Bad Boi, it’s self-explanatory from the looks of it. He likes mirrors, quiet and mysterious, as they would like to describe him,” She pointed to her scrapbook a picture of a dude with a quiff I presume is the Zayn bloke.

“Louis Tomlinson, loud and funny, eldest of the group, wears stripes and suspenders,” She let me look for him around her room rather than telling me who and where he is. There was his wardrobe in every picture, like what she said, stripes and suspenders. It suits him very well.

“And last but never the least, Harry Styles, curly, flirt and youngest of the band,” The ‘curly’ word said it all, out of the five boys, his face was all over the room, when I look left, right, up or down, his face was there, like staring through my soul. I smiled at her generous offer to introduce them to me, and you know what, I’ve known a lot. I thought, I couldn’t care less, but she dragged me into it and I was happy I let her do it.

“Introductions are done; now off to the video diaries,” She says, sounding like it’s gonna take us a wee bucket of popcorn because she just went to her mini fridge. I brace myself for this,hope I don’t go yawning in the middle of this.

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