Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles)


"I'm sorry for letting you do this. Remember, I love you, forever and always," He says as he wipes every ounce of tears that were constantly falling with his thumb as he cups my face.

“No! Please!” I begged as they pulled Harry even faster, my grip slowly tugging away, but I managed to hold on. “It wasn’t his fault! I-It was mine!” I plead one more time, hoping this would enlighten them to take me instead of him.


10. Chapter 10

Claire’s POV

What did I just do? I swear, I think that wasn’t me out there. I should be hating him and now I’m giving him a chance to change? What is wrong with me? Am I slowly giving in to him? I shouldn’t be. I could end up telling him my secret, no, that will not happen. The two days will pass by real easy and after that, we get back to our lives. Harry can just be a distant friend, a far-off memory.

How bad can two days be?

It starts now, right? That’s what he said. Two days of Harry Styles without pulling my hair out at him, this is gonna have to take some skill, trying to give him a chance. Any girl would die to be in my place right now, and I’m here, hating this situation. Why did this even happen to me anyway? The girl who just happened to hate his guts was just unfortunately stuck with him for two whole days, starting now.

Just great.

I washed up again because I was sticky from jogging and all the sweat that i have unleashed from trying to get Harry away frome me then my phone went off irritably loud.

“Hello?” I said through the phone without even looking at who that was. “Claire,” Styles says with a tone wanting to inform me something. “What do you want?” I ask coldly.

“I’ll pick you up in twenty minutes, we’re going somewhere,” He says immediately and I was curious. “You dropped me off like twenty minutes ago and now you’re picking me up again?” I questioned and somehow I feel him smirk on the other end.

“I’m still outside,” He tells me, his deep voice ringing in my ears.

“What?” I whisper to myself and Styles heard it because I heard him chuckle. I quickly run off to my window, tugging aat the curtain, not having the courage to pull it aside yet.

He’s just scaring you, he’s not really outside; I tell myself. I opened the curtains and peeped through.

There he was, standing next to his black vehicle, his phone held close to his ear covered by his curly locks. “I can see you,” He whispers quite loudly and I let my tongue out so he can see me mad.

“Stalker,” I say plainly. “I am not! Now just go change," His voice filled with authority, making me want to disobey him. "Or you in your bath robe is very fine with me,” He continues and I see him wriggle his brows a bit and I feel disgusted at his statement. “Perv,” I say disgusted, hiding my chuckles, then close the curtains and checking it twice so I could change in peace.


I went down the stairs extra slow to piss Styles. I got down in five minutes or what should have been one. “Finally,” He breathes out as I went to him. “Don’t be such a baby!” I mock him. “I am not!” He shrieks like a baby and pouts a cute pout. I laugh at his response and he feels defeated which makes me laugh even more. “Where are we going Styles?” I ask him between laughs.

“You know what? I don’t know,” I drop my jaw in shock and he looks down on me with an apologetic look on his face, making me give in, but i'm too good for that.

“I went through all that trouble and you don’t even know where we’re going!?” I bursted in anger and he gave me a sorry face. “I mean, you could still think while I was still going down, and that was five minutes for Pete’s sake!” I turned to him and he really gave his sincere sorry look.

“I’m sorry; I just thought you can think of somewhere better to go than my ideas. I care what you think, you should know that,” I stopped my anger and felt a slap was left on my face for not letting him finish. I then felt touched by his last statement. I felt that he really did care about what I think, that’s why this two day challenge was made, so he could change what I think of him. I should be the one sorry for not listening to him. I must’ve looked like an idiot, bursting out and all without letting him end. And I have to admit, I did exaggerate a few moments ago.

I lowered my head in embarrassment, not trying to make eye contact. “Sorry,” I mutter out. “I’m sorry too; I didn’t finish my statements fast, which made you burst out like what you did,” I looked up to him and see him smile, which made me smile too. I can’t believe after what I’ve done, he was still nice to me.

“So where do you want to go?” He continues as if nothing happened and i try to do the same and stop for a while to think. “Well, there’s this carnival-“ He grabbed my arm, not even letting me finish speaking and he tells me to get in the car. I think that’s his payback for not listening to him earlier, or maybe he also wanted to go to the carnival as well.

While in the car, I fixed my eyes on him as his was on the road. “Look, don’t be shy near me, it’s boring. I like it when you mess around with me, at least I get to laugh with you. I’d like to have fun with you,” He breaks the silence then meets my eyes for a second, then looks back at the road.

Throughout the whole car ride, he’d start most of the conversations since he has many to tell me and I have nothing interesting to talk about. He never runs out of anything to talk about while I'm just there, listening like an idiot.

A few minutes later, we get out of the car and to the carnival and this place is packed. “Wear this,” He then lends me a pair of shades. I looked at him, confused, and saw him putting on a beanie and shades to conceal his face and think; I should follow what he’s doing, for identity purposes. I  dramatically slowly wore my shades like what they do in spy movies -I think-  and made my way out of his car. I took in the really nice scenery of the Ferris wheel on my far left and the sea way over there until I felt Harry’s hand slip into mine, entwining it and as if on cue, the butterflies start erupting in my stomach. I don't know if I should be happy, or scared at this feeling. I know he was doing this for safety reasons so I don’t get lost, but I know I can handle myself pretty well, or maybe he just liked to put his hands in mine? I couldn’t decide.

“Ready?” He looked down at me and I looked up to him, noticing out height differences and I have to say, he was quite tall for a nineteen-year-old.

“Bring it on, Styles,”


Harry’s POV

We just finished playing our last game and I sadly didn’t win her a teddy bear to cuddle up at night. She was the one winning, giving me a few of her prizes and I felt like the girl in our friendship.

Friendship, I like that, I hope she likes that too, but I feel as if I want something more than just that and I can see in her eyes that she hasn’t thought of it yet. Oh, well. Life.

So far, we’ve been through almost all the games and rides here and she doesn’t even seem tired, or hungry for that matter that we didn’t get to eat lunch because she was too busy having fun.

“We’ve ridden all the rides, Claire,” I tell her, a tad bit tired. “No we haven’t! Let’s ride that roller coaster,” She pointed to the big contraption nearby and I swallowed a big lump in my throat and I feel as if my stomach is churning and I feel sick. Knowing she wasn’t a fan, she didn’t know I feared these.

“Scared Harold?” She mocked me, an evil grin on her face knowing she has something to laugh about me later, seeing the fear in my eyes. I saw her face, raiseing her one brow repeatedly, sort of challenging me. I still had my man pride with me and I won’t let anyone step on it, especially not a girl, and Claire was no exception. I grabbed her wrist and took her to the ride. She cheered like a baby  when I give her lollipop and I can’t help but sweat in nervousness and we’re not even on the ride yet.


“That was great, huh Harold?” She jumped up and down, seeing as if she wants to go back one more time. “Great? I almost died!” I protested and she merely threw herself in fits of laughter, so much for my man pride being stepped on by a girl. I think Claire is an exception. “Okay, you’ve had enough. Mind if we go home so you can stop throwing up?” She says though hints of chuckling were still visible. I can’t believe she cared. Maybe she’s starting to feel easy with me, ignoring her once thoughts of me.


We drive to her flat, her not getting enough of my face when we rode the awful ride. Why does she have to make fun of me?

“Goodbye Harold,”

And what’s with the Harold today? “You can call me Harry,” I suggest though she refused. “Nah, Harold is better,” I gave in and let her call me that, as I respond to both. “Tomorrow’s my last day. Have I convinced you yet?” I smiled happily at her, trying if my charms are powerful enough to convince her.

“Proud bloke you are. I don’t know, maybe not,” She hid her giggles. “Aw come on! I rode the roller coaster,” I tell her as she relives the moment as I was stupid enough to remind her. “No worries, you have another day to impress me,” She challenges again and I’m pretty sure I can do it tomorrow.

“I can do it, I know I can,” I said to her. “Pfft. Again, proud bloke you are,” And we both laugh. She then takes off my shades that she’s wearing. “Keep it, who knows, you might need it again,” I say and she looks at me then smile. I like it when she smiles, giving in she puts the shades over her head. I wave goodbye to her and she merely lets her tongue out and I laugh at her response.

Somehow, I think she’s slightly getting along with me. She laughs at me and somehow I laugh along with her, because her fits of laughter are just contagious. It seems like she hates, and at the same time she cares. More like a bit of love hate.

As long as I can make her think I’m a good person, even if it takes breaking my man pride, then I’ll do it.

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