Sexy Hazza

Abby can't get the thought of Harry out of her head because he is so HHOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S They have a lot of "fun" at night;)


1. NOT Best Friends!!!!!!!!

Abby P.O.V:

"You are perfect",Harry said,rubbing my cheeks.He leaned in too kiss me.

"Ring ring"!!!!! My alarm clock went off.I wish it was real.I flipped over on my back stretching.It was a Saturday and I wanted it too last forever.I looked at my clock......8:05.I got up and walked too the kitchen with my messy hair.I rubbed my eyes as I got the cereal and put it on the table.As I was putting the cereal in the bowl I heard the door bell ring! I walked too the door and opened it too reveal Harry.I smiled and let him in.We were good friends and we always hanged out on the weekends.We sat on the couch and ate some cereal and watched t.v.As we were watching we grew bored and fell asleep.I woke up and saw Harry in my hands.I was shocked yet comfortable and warm.I woke him up.I shook him gently.I saw his eyes slowly opening.He looked around and saw his hands around me.He smiled and kissed my cheek!

"You have a pretty smile",he said,smiling back.

I didn't say anything but just blush.

"Do you want too go out tonight"?

I nodded and giggled a little bit.

He got out and told me too get ready at 8:00.

It was 7:00 so I put on some clothes.I put on some pink sparkly flats and a nice hot pink dress.I straightened my hair and but a hairband in my hair and went outside too wait.

Harry P.O.V:

I went in my car with my pants and a white shirt with a jacket.I drove down too Abby's house and saw her waiting outside for me.I got out of the car and smiled as I walked too her.I grabbed her and spun her around and took her too the car.As we sat in the car I gave her a rose.She blushed.

"Thanks".She kissed my cheek and put the rose in her hair.

I smiled and left too go too the date.


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