The deep end

Alex has a hard life when she finally meets Harry styles she thinks it will be the end of her missery but after learning new horrific secrets she learns he past is chasing her and if she doesnt find a way to get out she will be pushed off the deep end. Will her love save her or just push her further.


3. the Party

Niall's POV

I ran over to her and took the knife. I was almost crying seeing the pain in her eyes. I needed to talk to her. I nicely asked the boys if they would leave as alone before I asked her "why Alex you promised me you would stop"

"I-I just cant okay? I am letting myself fall for all 4 of the boys I don't know what to do anymore"

"there's better ways to handle this Alex it will be fine" with that we walked down stairs and into my car. I was driving to the party when I heard them asking her about her scars. she said they are from her cat. They asked her about the one on her neck as we got there and she just ran out.

me and they boys were talking and having fun until we heard a high pitched scream. we ran over and saw Alex against a wall from the caption of the football team. he was trying to kiss her, obviously he was drunk. the boys saved her and took her outside and started playing truth or dare. It Was all fine till they started talking about who they like. I said Sammy who was my best friend but she will never have the same feelings for me. Alex said Nobody and Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn all said Alex at the same time. I lost it and yelled at them saying don't you to anything or I will murder you. they told me to chill how can I just chill. I heard sirens from outside and everyone ran but us. we sat there in a circle as I calmed down. the Police came and arrested Alex. I don't know what she did or why but I do know it wasn't her. I watched her get into the police car and suddenly froze. What was John going to do to her.


Alex's POV


I got to the police station where I got accused of Murdering my ex. I couldn't believe it. I would never do that. If I did I had motive but I didn't I got a 2 slips of paper one for my court date which was tomorrow the other for my execution date if I was found guilty. one month from now. my birthdate.

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