The deep end

Alex has a hard life when she finally meets Harry styles she thinks it will be the end of her missery but after learning new horrific secrets she learns he past is chasing her and if she doesnt find a way to get out she will be pushed off the deep end. Will her love save her or just push her further.


2. preperation

the rest of the day went pretty well I meet Zayn and Harrys friends Liam and Louis and got reunited with my cousin Niall. I got invited hang out with the guys at Niallers house. when I got there I was astonished by the high ceilings and beautiful furnishing of his place. I went into the kitchened filled with stainless steel appliences and saw Nialls mom "Alex is that really you?" I smiled at her. I loved her Irish Accent that reminded me of Niall.

"Yes Mrs.Horan it is your favourite Niece" I joked.

"what I didnt know Melissa was in town too" I gave her a death glance and started laughing when Niall came in.

"hey, nobody is allowed to have a party without me" He said with a serious exprression. I walked out to let him and his mom get ready. when I was with the other boys we were all just joking around having a great time. Niall came in and ruined it though. he told us that we had to get ready for the party. all 4 of the boys grabbed their bags and sprinted I assumed they were running to the bathroom to get it first. Niall came over to me and sat down on the leather chair next to me. "Alex if you would like my mom has most of your things upstairs she said you could live with us if you need to get away from John." I hugged him as tears started to fill my eyes. I knew I had to get away from John but I had to tell him first.

"Th-Thanks, Ill come in about a week" I explained through my tears. I walked up the stairs to the back bedroom it felt like home to me with pictures of my favourite bands all over the walls and a desk with my laptop and awards on it. I sat on the bed and looked at what was there for me to wear. I noticed a blue dress in the closet and pulled it out. It had silver and dark blue sequins on the top and it flowed down just perfectly. I recognised it as my grad dress from grade 9. I felt numb. a sharp pain flashed through my body ad my throught became dry. I started to sob. Zayn came into my rom to see if I was okay. I pushe the dress beside me and grabbed the picture on my desk and started bauling ym eyes out. I curled into a little ball and just laid there feeling a warm hand rubbing my shoulder. Finally, I looked up to see Zayns concerned eyes on me. I inhaled deeply and softly said "Im fine, I need to get ready" I went into the bathroom and put on the beautiful dress. It fit me the same as it did 4 months earlier. on the worst day of my life...


Nialls POV:


I was concerned about Alex what would happen she was so skeptical around guys now. I had my suit on when Zayn, Harry and Liam came into my room. as always Louis was still getting ready. Zayn finally spoke up "we found Alex crying in her room, what happned? what did you do to her?"

I couldnt believe they were acusing me of hurting her! "Just stay away from her okay!? I cant tell you just stay away" they all had a surprised look on their face. I couldnt let her get near another guy. what if she did the unthinkable again. I went to her room and opened the door to see her curled up in her bed with a knife in her hand.

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