The deep end

Alex has a hard life when she finally meets Harry styles she thinks it will be the end of her missery but after learning new horrific secrets she learns he past is chasing her and if she doesnt find a way to get out she will be pushed off the deep end. Will her love save her or just push her further.


1. first day

I knew this all too well A new school, new surrounding, a new life. I knew this place seemed way to familiar though which kinda scared me. I straightened my hair so it covered my left eye put on jeans my favourite plaid long-sleeved shirt with a white tank top underneath it and did my make up. I went down to get to the bus and once again my step dad complained about me wearing to much eyeliner. I didnt care anymore. I sunk down in the middle of the bus and got lost in my music. I suddenly noticed a figure beside me with penetrating green eyes and brown curly hair. My heart started fluddering. no it couldnt be. Did I like him? he noticed me staring at him and introduced himself "hello, my name is Harry" his voice was irrisistable. "hello? are you okay?" I noticed I was still staing at his perfect figure

 "umm.. I-Im fine. M-My name is Alex" Wow I really need to learn to take to guys.Harry took my headphones and started listening to my musoc. he got that bizarre look on his face like everyone does when they hear my music.I grabbed my headphones and sunk down in my seat listening to the lyrics that discribed my life...

When I got to school I noticed everyone looking so happy seeing their friends again and catching up with them. I ran into a stunning guy with dark hair and a mysterious feel to him. "Uhh Sorry I-I didnt see you there" I lied.

"do you need help you looked lost" I explained how i was new and needed to get my schedule he slithered through the crowded halls and I followed. I got my schedule and noticed something I dreaded. Gym first period... The mysterious person noticed my look and took my schedule. "tough classes AP math and English, Band and Gym your first semester. I have Gym and AP English with you. My names Zayn by the way" He showed my to the Gym and dissappered to go change. I went to the teacher and asked if I could be transfered. like always the answer was no. I got my gym cloths and went to change praying nobody noticed me. I felt my arm and prayed my scars would magicly dissapper. I knew they wouldnt though.

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