Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love... With You (Niall Horan)


Candace Jayne Sanchez, a 16-year-old Filipino-American directioner. She’s been having the infection ever since her best friend Erin told her about them. The two girls love all of them but there’s something about Niall that Candace really loves. Maybe it’s because they have the same appetite for food. The first few years of her life, she lived in the States. When she was 8, their family moved to Ireland because of her father’s business job. She was 13 when she moved to the Philippines and met Erin. Now that she’s 16, she pursues her dream of being a singer. She then uses this opportunity to meet her favorite boys.


9. Chapter 9

Candace's POV


A few weeks later…


Me and Erin got the hang of living here. I can’t believe that we’re staying in the States, though I miss my mom. I hope she’s alright. I miss living in the Philippines, Its different living here. People speaking in English make me nosebleed, I try my best to speak in English, I’m actually getting better. I also can’t believe that I’ve been called an internet sensation. Finally, people noticing my talent! I mean, that’s an honor because people like Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, and Greyson Chance started on the internet and became famous. I’ve been receiving good comments on my singing, and we’ve only been here for a few weeks.

One day, we were called by Mr. Smith. It’s been a long time. “Sir, you called me saying to come here?” I asked him as soon as I got there. “Yes. I haven’t seen you in a while. I’ve heard that you’re an internet sensation now. Good job.” He congratulated me nicely. “I know. This is amazing!” “I bet you’ll be more amazed when you hear this.” When he said that, my knees were practically trembling on what he’s gonna say. “What is it? What is it?” I’m like dying to know! “You’re a directioner? Am I right?” “Yes!” I think this has something to do with my five boys. “Okay, then you’re gonna love this!” “Ok! Go on!” “I have found you somewhere to perform.” “Oh.” The disappointment on my face was noticed my Mr. Smith because I was hoping to meet One Direction, but that’s okay, this is still a great opportunity for me. I get to perform in front of people and have exposure. “Don’t be sad, I’m not done yet. You’re gonna be opening act for One Direction’s concert!” I had a blackout. Did he just say opening act and One Direction? “Seriously!?” I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. “Where’s your friend?” I’m sensing that he’s finding Erin. “She’s at home, probably still sleeping.” I can’t believe it! Me, opening for One Direction! “Tell her the amazing news and prepare yourself, okay?” “Yes sir!” I put a big grin on my face. “It’s gonna be next week.” Next week?! That’s fast. I’m gonna be ready for that. I’m gonna practice extra hard, be at least half as good as the boys. As I went home, I noticed Erin just watching TV. “Where have you been?” She turned to me and asked. “I went to see Mr. Smith and he told me something amazing!” She sprung out of her sofa. “What is it?” She became curious. “I’m gonna be opening act for One Direction’s concert!” She had the same blackout I had when Mr. Smith told me the same amazing news. “Are you sure?! That’s so cool!” She gave me a really big hug. “Take a bath first then help me practice.” “Okay. Wait for me.”  She took a bath and I started practicing while waiting for her. 

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