Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love... With You (Niall Horan)


Candace Jayne Sanchez, a 16-year-old Filipino-American directioner. She’s been having the infection ever since her best friend Erin told her about them. The two girls love all of them but there’s something about Niall that Candace really loves. Maybe it’s because they have the same appetite for food. The first few years of her life, she lived in the States. When she was 8, their family moved to Ireland because of her father’s business job. She was 13 when she moved to the Philippines and met Erin. Now that she’s 16, she pursues her dream of being a singer. She then uses this opportunity to meet her favorite boys.


6. Chapter 6

Candace's POV


Friday, the next week…


Me and Erin went school early and always expect that they see Tanya Gonzales. She’s a fellow directioner. She’s very rich so she goes to every One Direction concert and buys every merchandise she sees on the net. You know that every fellow directioner should get along well right? Tanya isn’t like that. In fact, she hates me and Erin! She always thinks that we’re more dedicated directioners than her, and it’s true! She’d go to every concert so the boys would recognize her. She’s so desperate! We hate her. “Oh hi! I’ve heard you’re leaving, how nice!” It’s written all over her face that she hates our guts! “Ugh! I hate her.” Erin whispered in my ear. It’s old news that we hate her. “Ignore her. We’re better than her.” “Fine, let’s go before I’d ruin her face.” Many people asked us why we were leaving school, rumors spread that we will leave school because of financial problems. We know we’re not that rich, but really? Who would think that? Tanya, of course. Me and Erin would just ignore those childish rumors.

When we got home, we immediately did our Science project for our Science teacher. “I don’t know why we still have to do this, we’re gonna leave anyway.” “I know but teacher says we have to. Mom will pass it to the teacher.” 

We did our project for three hours. “Candace, it’s almost ten o’clock and I’m tired. Let’s sleep.” “I agree, let’s go to sleep.” I wanna sleep, doing this project is really tiring, but we finished it. Something tells me that I forgot something, probably something about the project. Never mind, I just want to sleep. We were both sound asleep, and then I remembered something. “Erin! Wake up!” I screamed at the top of my lungs just so Erin would wake up. “What? Can’t you see I’m sleeping?” She looked like she was annoyed by my loud screech. “It’s Saturday tomorrow.” I reminded her. “Yeah, I know, so?” “Don’t you remember? We’re leaving for the US tomorrow, and we’re leaving at 4am!” “Oh yeah! I totally forgot!” Erin said as she sprung out of her bed and went straight for her closet. “I guess we’re gonna stay up all night.” I told her. “I see what you did there.” She replied with a big smile. “We still need stuff; I bet the shops are already closed by now.” “There’s a store near here, its open 24/7.” “Let’s ask mom if we can go.” “Mom!” We searched the house until we found her in the living room watching TV at this late hour. “Mom, can you come with us? We need to buy what we need for States tomorrow.” “Oh yeah, you’re leaving tomorrow. Ok then, let’s go and be fast. You still have to pack your clothes.” The late night shopping was fast. We were home by 11:30, and mom helped us pack. We finished packing our clothes and everything we need by 1am. It took us a long time because we still had to find other stuff we need. After the fuss about packing, we decided to take a nap. We woke up at 3am. We took a bath, ate breakfast, and got dressed and ready. “Mom, are you sure you don’t wanna come?” “I have to take care of your sister, but we will be supporting you all the way.” She smiled at me. “Thanks a lot, mom!” I gave my mom a really big hug. I really love her! “Make sure to answer my e-mails, okay?” “Yes, mom.” “Don’t forget your guitar and Lucky Niall Pick.” She said as she handed me the guitar and pick. “How did you know that?” “I know a lot of stuff.” She winked at me.

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