Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love... With You (Niall Horan)


Candace Jayne Sanchez, a 16-year-old Filipino-American directioner. She’s been having the infection ever since her best friend Erin told her about them. The two girls love all of them but there’s something about Niall that Candace really loves. Maybe it’s because they have the same appetite for food. The first few years of her life, she lived in the States. When she was 8, their family moved to Ireland because of her father’s business job. She was 13 when she moved to the Philippines and met Erin. Now that she’s 16, she pursues her dream of being a singer. She then uses this opportunity to meet her favorite boys.


4. Chapter 4

Candace's POV


I noticed that the group was in the middle of the tent and me and Niall were just sitting at the corner having our own business. Like we’re living in our own world and no one was disturbing us. “Here…” He said as he grabbed something small and wrote something on it. “You’re giving me your guitar pick?” “Yeah, to remember me by.” It’s a good thing he gave me his pick, I lost mine back at home. I always lose my guitar picks, but I know I’m not gonna lose this one. “You’re my favorite of the group. Why on earth would I forget you?” “I don’t know but you’re so funny, and you’re very beautiful.” “Oh, thank you.” I gave him a really wide smile that also made him smile.

I immediately felt something. The next thing I knew is that Niall was hugging me for a long time. His hug is so warm in this cold weather. Not only did it calm my cold body, but it also calmed my heart. He was so sweet, and I love that about him. “Your day with the boys is over now. Say goodbye to them.” The management lady popped up from behind and told us. “Well that killed the moment.” Niall looked at the lady with his death glare. “I know.” I agreed with him. I was having the time of my life, and I might never experience that again. “I wanna take a picture. This will only take a second.” Niall hurriedly took out his phone. “Come on. Go now.” The lady pulled me and separated us. Niall was holding my hand so hard and I didn’t wanna let go, but the lady was so strong. Niall didn’t even take a picture. As I was going out of the tent, I noticed Niall looking so disappointed maybe because he wanted to take a picture of us.

The car ride going home was quiet for me. Erin was still talking all about the whole thing and we just pretended to hear her. I was still thinking about the fact that I was with Niall the whole time. Me and Erin just arrived home. “I saw you and Niall talk the whole time. What did you talk about?” She got interested in what we were talking about. “Just stuff, and he gave me his guitar pick with his signature.” “No way! Really?” “You don’t believe me?” I said as I showed her the pick. When Erin was looking at the pick, she noticed that my mood changed. “What’s wrong? What happened?” I told her what happened. “The management lady used force to separate me from Niall the time me and him were about to take a picture.” “That lady killed your moment. I gotta sleep.” “Me too. I’m gonna see that record company tomorrow.” “Oh yeah. I’m coming with you. Bring your guitar and lucky Niall pick.” She said, laughing. “Lucky Niall Pick?” “Yeah. I like it.” “I will bring it. Good Night.”


Niall's POV

Back at the tent...

Darn it! I didn’t take a picture with her. I also forgot to ask her name. I mean, why would I forget that? “Niall, you alright?” Harry asked me. “Yeah. There’s just something about her.” “We all noticed that you were very close, even though you just met each other.” Liam added. “Yeah, but I think we have that closer connection with each other.” “You really like her, huh?” Louis added. “Yeah, I think so.” I gave the boys a smile so they won’t worry about me being sad.

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