Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love... With You (Niall Horan)


Candace Jayne Sanchez, a 16-year-old Filipino-American directioner. She’s been having the infection ever since her best friend Erin told her about them. The two girls love all of them but there’s something about Niall that Candace really loves. Maybe it’s because they have the same appetite for food. The first few years of her life, she lived in the States. When she was 8, their family moved to Ireland because of her father’s business job. She was 13 when she moved to the Philippines and met Erin. Now that she’s 16, she pursues her dream of being a singer. She then uses this opportunity to meet her favorite boys.


3. Chapter 3

Candace's POV


Erin would always start the conversation for everyone while I just sit there and listen to them. Even thought Erin’s a big directioner, when she speaks to them, she sounds like the regular Erin I know, smart and very outgoing. “Are you alright?” A familiar voice at my back said. He sounded so familiar. I couldn’t look back at him because I don’t want him to see me shed a tear for no apparent reason. “Yeah, I’m all good. Thanks for asking.” I said as I wiped my useless tears. I wanted to know who this guy is! I’m gonna look at him!





“Niall?!” I couldn’t believe it. I was starstruck. My eyes wide open and my jaw dropping. I tried to touch him, letting myself know that this wasn’t a dream or a 3D movie. “Hi. Did I scare you?” He laughed at me. “Yeah, kinda. Why aren’t you joining the conversation?” I smiled at him. “I noticed that someone was left out.” I tried to think who that person might be that he got out of the conversation just to comfort that person. Then I just realized that the one ‘left out’ was me. “Left out? Me? I’m not left out, I just, I just didn’t wanna speak.” I looked at the ground trying not to look in his blue eyes. “Ok then.” He just, he just left. I thought he’d stay and tell me “Come on. You’re lying so what’s really up?” or something like that. I thought he really left. He just went for a glass of water. “Water?” He gave me the glass. “Thank you.”  

From his eyes, I know that he could tell that I’m lying. He has that pair of eyes that wants you to tell the truth. We fell very silent. My heart was actually pounding so hard! I wanted to talk to him but I don’t know what to say. We just stared at each other’s eyes. He has the most beautiful eyes in the whole world! I could stare at them forever. “Are you having fun?” The Irish singer broke the silence. “Yeah. Just getting to meet you is a dream of mine.” I told him the truth. “Did you wear make-up?” Why on earth did he ask if I wore make-up? I hate make-up! I hate lipstick, they like restrict you from drinking water or something. “No. I hate make-up.” “Good, because you’re very beautiful without one.” His compliment made my day. He always makes my day just by smiling in the camera. He made me feel very special. “Thanks, and I really like your guitar.” I just wanted to say something nice back to him, and I really do like his guitar. Compared to mine, which was really old and red, his was really nice. “Really? It’s quite old.” “It doesn’t look like it’s old. I’m actually self-studying myself into playing the guitar and I think it’s going really good.” I wanted to keep the conversation going.  “Great job!” “Haha thanks!” I couldn’t remember the other conversations we’ve had because when he speaks, I would just forget about the world and just stare into his gorgeous blue eyes. Most of the time we just stare at each other then start a new conversation. We also told each other really funny jokes. He makes the funniest jokes ever! We laughed very hard our stomachs were hurting.

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