Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love... With You (Niall Horan)


Candace Jayne Sanchez, a 16-year-old Filipino-American directioner. She’s been having the infection ever since her best friend Erin told her about them. The two girls love all of them but there’s something about Niall that Candace really loves. Maybe it’s because they have the same appetite for food. The first few years of her life, she lived in the States. When she was 8, their family moved to Ireland because of her father’s business job. She was 13 when she moved to the Philippines and met Erin. Now that she’s 16, she pursues her dream of being a singer. She then uses this opportunity to meet her favorite boys.


2. Chapter 2

Candace’s POV




Me and Erin are already getting dressed for the concert. “Are you sure you’re wearing that?” I kept on asking her. “I’m supposed to be asking that question to you, t-shirt, hoddie, jeans, doll shoes?” That’s actually my usual get-up, I don’t mind wearing the same thing everyday. I like what I wear and no one is gonna stop me, not even Erin. “Yeah. I’m comfortable with that, and its cold outside.” “That’s what you want.” She said, leaving me with my decisions. “Where are the tickets?” I asked her to make sure because maybe we got dressed and went to the concert without tickets. What a waste of time. “Don’t worry, it’s with my dad, and hurry, so we won’t join the big crowd.” “Ok. Come on.” We got the first two seats at the very front with the other eight girls who would meet the boys at the end of the concert. This is gonna be my first concert and I’m totally excited! Usually, I don’t like noisy places like in a concert but I love this one, for the fact that it’s a One Direction concert and it’s my first time going to one. At the end of the show, I noticed a lady from the management coming close to us ten girls. “Girls, come on. The boys are waiting for you.” Me and Erin walked very fast, they didn’t notice the lady and the eight other girls. I could feel the Adrenalin rush was going in our veins. “Where are the other girls?” Liam asked me and Erin as we entered the big tent where the boys are. “Probably behind us. They’re coming don’t worry.” Erin said to the boys. “Here they are.” I immediately said as the eight other girls entered. “Hey there!” The five boys of One Direction greeted them. “Hello!” We all replied in chorus. One Direction and us ten girls sat down on the floor.

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