LoNdOn LoVe 2

Part 2 Of London Love ;3::: So Liam and Hilary move back to London.. LALALA


2. The door..

Hilary's P.O.V.

I opened the door slowly while the cold rain rushed in. ''Hi?'' I questioned not telling who this person was because it was dark. ''Hey, let me in. ''  This person replied. ''Not to be rude.. But who are you? ''  I asked.  '' It's me Liam.. '' He replied. ''OH!! Darn.. '' I said while opening the door and letting him in. So did you enjoy the girl while your wife suffered? '' I asked. '' No '' Liam replied. '' She was so annoying. Ughh never again will I EVER leave your company. '' He said. ''Good. I'm gonna go take a shower. Care to join? '' I asked smirking. '' Yes Please '' He pleaded. ''Ok '' I replied smiling. I walked up and grabbed some clothes and a towel and walked in the bathroom. I quickly got undressed and started the shower. '' Liam? Are you coming? '' I yelled. '' Yes!! '' He yelled back as he ran in the shower. I stood under the hot water as he got undressed and climbed in with me. '' Hey babe.. '' He whispered and the water ran down his face dripping on the floor. ''Hey'' I whispered quietly while smirking. '' Can I? '' He asked obviously asking to have sex. ''Sure, why not? '' I replied with a sexy smirk. '' mmk '' He smirked. He started kissing me and we started to have this mini make-out session then the tongues came along.. He grabbed my butt and squeezed it. ''mm'' I moaned quietly. ''Why so quiet? '' He whispered. Then you know what happened.. We made 'Love' ;3. The next morning I woke up laying in the shower with the water off and Liam next to me sleeping. I shook him awake.'' Liam, It's time to wake up. '' I whispered into his ear. '' No.. '' He replied quietly. I started to kiss his neck to make him want more and I got up. I walked out of the shower and got dressed. I went downstairs slowly feeling sick. I started making pancakes until I sat on the floor too tired . ''LIAMMM '' I screamed. '' COMING'' He ran down the stairs and lifted me up. ''Yes?'' He asked. ''I can't cook.. I'm too tired. Finish the pancakes? '' I asked. ''Yes ma'am. '' He replied as he set me on the counter. He started cooking the pancakes. ''Liam, I feel sick '' I said quietly. '' Oh, Hilary.. Do you know what's causing this? '' He asked worried. '' No Liam '' I said sadly while walking up the steps. Halfway to my room.. ''Liam I'm gonna rest. '' I yelled. '' Ok! '' He yelled back. I woke  up a few hours later looking around to find a note. ''Dear Hilary, I enjoyed last night and I know your sick. I wish I could've stayed to take care of you but I need to go help my band mates. I'm so sorry. I will be back in like 2 weeks.''   I finished reading sadly. I got changed into some relaxing clothes: Sweats. boots. blah blah. 

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