Soldier's Love

Ellie is a normal teenage girl. Living on her father's plantation, which has over 200 slaves, is amazing. But it can get lonely. Especially since her older brother, Richard, went to fight for the Confederacy. When she is visiting and meets a soldier, will she become a Soldier's Love?


2. The Beginning of the End

I still don't know what happened. One day we were sitting at home peacefully, the next day, daddy was called of to join the war. But not as a soldier. He was their president. I was scared. What if he was assassinated? What would mother and I do? How would we live on? Would we receive his debt, if he had any? Would the Union hate us? Would the neighbors hate us for failing them and making their precious slaves leave? Would the slaves love us? Or hate us for putting them out into the world with nothing, trying to find their families, and keep their hope? Would they rather stay on the plantations, with the feeling that their loved one were still alive? Would they rather hold onto hope than face reality?

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