Soldier's Love

Ellie is a normal teenage girl. Living on her father's plantation, which has over 200 slaves, is amazing. But it can get lonely. Especially since her older brother, Richard, went to fight for the Confederacy. When she is visiting and meets a soldier, will she become a Soldier's Love?


1. Intro

Hello. My name is Ellie Davis. I live on my father's plantation. The year is 1861. We live in Christian County, Kentucky. Daddy says we will secede soon. I hope we don't. I love the North. But I also love the South, since I have lived my whole life here. Why can't we just be one country again! Things were easier a couple months ago. Daddy says he will be our new President. If you haven't guessed it yet, my daddy is Jefferson Davis. I'm lonely. Daddy will be leaving soon. He says for work. Richard, my brother, just went off to war. I don't think that he will come home. He will die. Everyone will. Even Daddy. Even me. Just not yet......

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