Claire is a queen of the Petrianic Empire the most powerful empire in the world ever with her one day she hade her heart broken by a prince when she meets him again will she forgive him or will he end up as the rest of the enemies


2. What do you whant

We closed on around the boat we take navel battle very seriously you never see us coming. We were swimming closing in around the boat about tho attack when one of our fighters came up to the surface to soon and one of the crew members saw him she took her arrows and shot him.

"Fall back," I yelled under water I looked up and saw his face he looked down at me my eyes meeting his before I knew it the girl shot me in the arm I started to sink but he jumped in and pulled me onto he boat. All I remember is a bunch of people surrounding me before I blacked out .



My head hurts so bad I opened my eyes and sitting next to me was a girl with brown hair she was looking at another girl also has brown hair who hade shot me. Turned away so I was facing the wall. "Marh reh," I whisper under my breath. She started screaming in agony I smiled the men ran in a tall blond on a short dark haired one and Caspian. The blond one looked over at me and the short one ran over to me turned me over and placed the tip of his sward on my neck. 

"Edmund," the blond one yelled at him

"ok then Edmund do you really what to take me on,"

"yes any thing to make you fell pain,"

"did you see what I just did to your sister from all the way over here with out even touching her," he stopped to think "Just ask Caspian I mean if it weren't for him I would still have a heart but nooo he ruined everything," Everybody turned to stare at him he just looked down at the ground. "What does he mean," said the young girl silence the other girl was  still recovering "Tell them how you betrayed my people, my family , me," 

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