Claire is a queen of the Petrianic Empire the most powerful empire in the world ever with her one day she hade her heart broken by a prince when she meets him again will she forgive him or will he end up as the rest of the enemies


3. The Island

we soon came close to a island I new where we were but they didn't know. I was born on that island and I know how harsh it can be and I knew who lives on that island who pay fare price for caspians head. "Land!" I yelled I herd Caspian talking to the blonde guy. "Claire before we land I want you to meet Peter," he said turning towards him Peter held out his hand "I'm not shacking your hand," after I said he hade an embarrassed look on his face "This is Lucy," Caspian said pointing towards the little girl with brown hair "how do you do," she greeted me with a smile  "being nice gets you no were no wonder Narnia is so weak," I smirked "and I believe you already know Susan and Edmund," I shook my head yes "get the boats ready," Peter yelled "why use the boats you guys to afraid to get wet," I said jumping in the water the water was nice and warm the way I like it I started to swim to shore once I got there I shook myself dry I looked into the jungle and saw a pair of green eyes "don't worry Dangi I brought him and a few more," just then they pulled up on shore "lets go then," said Lucy in an excited tone "didn't think you would wait for us," Caspian whispered in my ear when he walked by life is full of surprises ,"I added 

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