Claire is a queen of the Petrianic Empire the most powerful empire in the world ever with her one day she hade her heart broken by a prince when she meets him again will she forgive him or will he end up as the rest of the enemies


4. Memories

we walked into the farther into the jungle.
"It's so hot here," Lucy complained 
"toughen up and stop being such a girl," she looked as if she was about to cry.
"how could you live with her," I herd Susan whisper in Caspian's ear
"she wasn't always like this," he sounds so depressed when he said that "she once was a beautiful young lady the one I fell in love with. Memories started flowing back to me a young  lady with long glossy brown hair that was always down kind face,loving green eyes,loving,loyal the total opposite of me now. Light brown hair that I always keep up in a bun, dull green eyes, piercings all up my ear,faithless,ruthless and unloved. That always comes back to haunt me no madder how hard I try to forget I never can. About a dozen arrows interrupted my thoughts and a bunch of yelling I walked over to Caspian and looked down on him lying on the ground grabbing his knee where the arrow hit him "we trusted you," he yelled up at me "so did I," I replied "we all make mistakes," 

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