Claire is a queen of the Petrianic Empire the most powerful empire in the world ever with her one day she hade her heart broken by a prince when she meets him again will she forgive him or will he end up as the rest of the enemies


5. How could You

"One thing you need to learn Caspian is never gain trust in your enemies,"  i said leading them into a small village "See all these people all there parents are dead or are slaves so you Narnia's can live in luxury when we are suffering,"

"It's not our fault they have a bad queen," Susan said trying to agitate me 

"We are not allowed to attack Narnia if we where you would have been the first one dead," i pointed out "the laws can only be changed by the people who wrote them and the people who wrote them are prisoners Narnia and the person who wrote that law was beheaded," 

'Well that's stu... wow, she gasped as we walked into the town there where mud houses and the people where dressed in rags most of the kids where sick of hungry

"We lose around 5,500 children through out the empire a day it doesn't have to be like this but we have nothing everything we own goes to Narnia we might be strong well the strongest empire but you guys take advantage of our law and takes all of our stuff," i said going up to kid and picked him up he was dieing of thirst i gave him my water he drank all off it in a split second he smiled.

"Kank ku," he said

"There is some good in her," Caspian whispered in Susan's ear. Right then a girl stepped out of one off the houses she was caring a sword 

"We aren't on Narnian land anymore," 


Authors Note:

i decided to change it a little i decided t turn the town into something like the situation in Africa but no there parents aren't slaves of the people of Narnia but i looked up how many kids die every day in Africa and thanks to i found out that 1 child dies every 3 second. 30,000 African children under the age f 5 die every day 3,000 of those die of Malaria and that includes people over 5. ): 



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