Direction Squared

(Sequel to Girl Direction) So incase you have forgotten...The universes have switched back. Harry and Harper are still missing. Now what? Well follow the guys (and girls) lives after the devastating separation of the universes.


2. What Do You Want?

Zara's P.O.V

   "Let me explain before you go all psycho on me." Percy said while putting his hands up in defence. 

   "What's left to explain?" I reply getting off the couch.

  "Uh.. Everything." He states like it's obvious.  

  "We'll be in the other room..." Nikki said dragging Lucy away.

  "Ok so I know you're mad at me and everything, but in my defence I was drunk. I had no idea what was happening and the next thing I know I was in a strangers bed." He explained walking closer to me. I put my hand up to stop him from coming any closer.

   "You expect me to believe that?" 

   "We.... Yeah? I don't know Zara" He sighed

    "Precy you got the girl pregnant! How am I not supposed to be mad at you when you do something like that?!"

   "Look I have been trying to contact her and see how she is but her number just.... disappeared." He said sitting down on the couch. No. Please don't let it be. I mean it is possible isn't it? 

   "Was her name Perrie?" I asked trying to convince myself that it wasn't true.

   "H-h-how did you know?" Percy said as tears trailed down his cheeks. I didn't answer, all I was think about was how Zayn would take Perrie being pregnant with Percy's child.


Zayn's P.O.V

   How do I know that name? I searched every part of my mind and I still couldn't get rid of the feeling I knew that name. 

   "Z-Z-Zayn p-p-please l-l-look a-at m-m-me" Perrie stuttered as tears ran down her now. I raise my head and see her mascara stained cheeks. She reminded me of when Zara told me Percy cheated on her, she looked so vulnerable. 

   "Zayn I don't know what to do. I don't have his number and it's like he just disappeared." She sobbed as she ran her fingers through her hair. Just then I had a major brainwave. 

   "Perrie? What was his name?" I asked praying that she didn't say his name.

   "Um..." She trailed off.

   "Perrie" I said more sternly.

   "I'm thinking!" She yelled while drying her tears.

   "Percy, his name was Percy." She finally said.

   "No, no, no. This is not good, not good." I said to myself.

   "What are you talking about?"

   "The reason you can't contact him is..."



Zayn and Zara's P.O.V

   "You were from two different universes.."


A/N: HAIIIIIIIIIII!!!! Soooooo what do you think????? Hahaha. Anyways you know the drill. :)


~Emily :D 


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