Direction Squared

(Sequel to Girl Direction) So incase you have forgotten...The universes have switched back. Harry and Harper are still missing. Now what? Well follow the guys (and girls) lives after the devastating separation of the universes.


5. We Need An Explanation

Nikki's P.O.V



   "HUH?!"  We said, still getting over the initial shock of it all. Harry let out a low chuckle at our confusion.

   "Where's Harper?" I asked looking at Harry, hoping her had some answers. The smirk he wore quickly turned into a frown.

   "I don't know." He replied with a sad look.

   "Lets just be happy that Harry is here and hope that Harper is alright." Lilly said trying to lighten the mood.

   "Come on Haz let's get you a change of clothes." Lucy said walking upstairs.

   Once Harry came down in a pair of new clothes us girls started asking him what happened when the psychos kidnapped them.

    "Well at first they separated us into two different rooms. Taylor came into the room that they were keeping me in and tried to shove her tongue down my throat, so I bit her. Then she went in for a second 'kiss' so I headbutted her causing her nose to bleed. I think that Harper did the same because Taylor went and got Trent and he looked like his nose was bleeding. Trent then showed me a photo of Har-" His face went pale as he tried to say the last part.

   "What did he show you?" Lilly asked rubbing his back trying to comfort him.

   "He showed me a photo of... Harper... He wanted me to believe that she was dead and it worked. Every time I blinked I saw that picture." He continued.

   "Then what?" Zara asked sounding curious.

   "They gave me this weird tablet which they must have gave Harper and I blacked out."

   "It would have wore off, right?" I asked.

   "It did. Whenever that happened they would shove another one in our mouths."

   "Wouldn't you just pretend to take it?" Lucy said like it was obvious.

   "We tried, but then they would use brute force. See this scar? Yeah thats why we didn't pretend anymore." He said while pointing to his bicep.

   "Did they do that to Harper as well?" Lilly questioned. 

  "Yep, we now have matching scars." He added. 


Niall's P.O.V

   "What I don't understand is how this all happened! I want an explanation!" Harper said while running her fingers through her hair. 

   "We all do Harper, but we just have to go with it until we get one." Liam said.

   "That doesn't help! I want answers now!" Harper said, jumping off the couch. Just before she left the room Louis turned up the T.V.

   "Shhh guys! This is important!" He said pointing the remote towards the screen.

   "Dr. Zachery Charleston believes that he has almost perfected a machine that allows one to travel between universes!" The T.V. presenter said with a bit of disbelief.   

   "WHAT?!" Harper screamed running back into the lounge.

   "That's right Marshal! Except we have had a bit of trouble with controlling the machine so there are  still a few kinks we need to sort out."

   "There's your explanation." 

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