Direction Squared

(Sequel to Girl Direction) So incase you have forgotten...The universes have switched back. Harry and Harper are still missing. Now what? Well follow the guys (and girls) lives after the devastating separation of the universes.


6. Now What?

Harper's P.O.V

   After all this time it was just some dude messing with a machine?! 

   "We need to find this guy!" I yell while running over to the computer. I hurriedly type his name into google and a variety of websites appeared. 

   "Click on that one" Liam instructed, pointing towards the screen. I clicked on the link and patiently waited as the website loaded.


   "Looks like he is one insane dude!" Niall said reading over his past failed experiments.

   "Says here that he tried to make a time machine, something to morph animals together and something that could end all life on Earth!" I recited from the computer, becoming a bit startled upon reading the last one.

   "Ok so the dude is a nutcase, we have dealt with a few lately no biggie." Zayn stated, shrugging his shoulders.  Flashbacks ran through my mind of the havoc we all have been through, Harry and I especially. 

   "Dude! Seriously!?" Louis yelled hitting Zayn's arm.

   "Oh.... Sorry Harper, I didn't me-"

   "It's fine" I said cutting him off. 


   "We should get some rest if we want to suss out this guy tomorrow." Liam said breaking the awkward silence between the group. We said our goodnights and ventured to our assigned rooms. 



   "Look you can spend the night in Harry's room if you want..." Louis whispered.

   "Thanks..." I whispered back while opening Harry's bedroom door. 

    I grabbed one of the oversized shirts the boys gave me and slipped it on then flopped into Harry's MASSIVE bed. 

   It was only then I realised how much I really missed him. I took a deep breath inhaling his lingering scent. God that just made it worse! I small tear slid down my cheek as I slowly drifted off to sleep.


Harry's P.O.V


   "She walks around town with that pretty smile on her face..." I jolted out of bed not knowing where I am. I quickly turned off the alarm and regained my bearings 'You're only in Harper's room Hazz' I thought to myself. Fhew. 

   I gathered my clothes from the floor and get dressed. When I was ready I walked downstairs and was greeted by the girls. I was almost finished my pancakes when I felt someones gaze on my arm. I turned around to see Nikki looking at me in shock.


   "Your arm! What happened?" She said in panic.

   "Huh?" I looked at my arm to reveal a pulsating blue light. I poked at it (A/N: Who wouldn't?) only to find that it sent searing pain all the way up my arm.

    "When did you get that?" Zara asked, standing next to Nikki.

    "I-I-I don't know..."


A/N: HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *shields face*  I know I know. I am so so soooooo sorry I haven't updated in agessssssss but I have a reason and if you want to know (not that any of you would care but hey #yolo. Wait, did I just say that?) I will say it at the end of this. Anyways you know what to do!

Ok so my reason is that I have been having a MEGA bad time for the past 2 months but I don't want to go into too much detail so yeah.


~Emily :D

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