Direction Squared

(Sequel to Girl Direction) So incase you have forgotten...The universes have switched back. Harry and Harper are still missing. Now what? Well follow the guys (and girls) lives after the devastating separation of the universes.


3. Huh?

Percy's P.O.V

   What the hell? How is that even possible? 

   "I know it may seem impossible but it happened and we don't have an explanation yet." Zara said, answering the questions spinning around in my head.

   "Will the baby be alright?" I asked, now scared for Perrie and the unborn child.

   "I don't know. All we can do is hope that it will be." She replied cautiously rubbing my back. I missed being with her. I missed the way she smiled, the way we would talk for hours on the phone and skype. I stuffed up big time, but there was something deep down saying what I did was the right thing. That I belonged with Perrie.

   After about 5-10 minutes of silence I decided I should leave.

   "I-I-I should go...." I said while nervously getting up. Zara got up and walked me to the door. 

   "Um... See ya later?" I said while opening the door.

   "Maybe" She replied while looking back into the house. I lent in to give her a hug (force of habit)

   "Percy don't." She said while pushing me away.

   "Sorry force of habit"


   While I was walking home I bumped into a guy who seemed lost. 

   "Are you alright there buddy?" I asked helping him stabilise himself.

   "Do you know where Harper Styles lives?" He asked a bit out of breath.

   "Just 2 blocks away." I said gesturing in the direction of the girl's house. 

   "Thanks" He said before sprinting to the girls house.


Nikki's P.O.V 

   "What did he say?" Lilly asked sitting next to Zara on the couch 

   "Nothing really he just explained himself and then asked if the baby would be alright then there was an awkward silence and he left." 

   "Did he do anything else?" Lucy asked placing our coffees on the coffee table.

   "He just tried to hug me, that's all." Zara replied grabbing her coffee and taking a big sip. 

   "What movie should we watch?" I asked changing the topic.

   "Groomsmen! (Like Bridesmaids hehe)" Lucy yelled, running to the DVD cabinet. 

   Right before we were about to play the movie there was another knock on the door.

   "I'll get it, but if it's Percy again he's got something coming for him." Lucy said.

    It was about 5 minutes since Lucy went to go answer the door.

   "Should we go get her?" Lilly asked. We all got up and went to go see what was taking her so long.

   "And you have no idea where she is?" Lucy asked the man standing in our foyer. 

   "Absolutely no idea." He confirmed. I knew that voice. We all did.

   "Hey girls." He said. Lilly, Zara and I wore the same expression of both shock and a bit of relief. 



A/N: DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN... Hey guys! I know, I know. I haven't updated in ages. Sorry *-* ANYWAYSSSSSSS.... I hope you like this update and you know what to do :P


~Emily :D

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