My bad boy

My names Savannah. I'm from California, but my dad's lawyer and got transfered to Texas.middle of my freshman year, im 15 with brown hair and Brown eyes.


2. There goes my forever after..

sorry , last one kind of sucked, i'll try and make this one better..


Savannah's Pov 


When i walked in i made my way to Mr.Sparks desk " Sorry to bother you, but todays my first day.." He smiled and stood up "Well that's no excuse to be late now is it , now just sit in the back desk , your partner should be here soon" Dang. Rude much? I walked back, as everyone was staring at me. I sat down at the desk and the bell rang. I obviously WASN'T late. 

I saw a boy out of the corner of my eye run in, i looked up and it was jason, he walked over to his seat. Which was right beside me, then he looked up at me. And our eyes connected and he pulled out his journal and started writing what was on the board. So i did the same. He flipped his hair and i swear i almost fainted. He was so gorgeous. Brown Flippy hair, Chocolate eyes. and very muscular, slightly skinny. He was just Perfect...


Jason's POV

I could feel her eyes on me. Everytime i looked up she looked down and started doodling on the corner of her paper. She was beautiful. I just wanted to run my fingers through her light brown hair. That would be weird. i looked up and she was packing up her things. Class went by fast today. she looked at me the same time i was looking at her. Our eyes connected again. She blushed and when the bell rang i watched her walk out. There goes my forever after.. 




Sorry it's short. busyyy day..

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