My bad boy

My names Savannah. I'm from California, but my dad's lawyer and got transfered to Texas.middle of my freshman year, im 15 with brown hair and Brown eyes.


1. Schoool

It was mid January and was Monday  blah school. My alarm clock went off and i dragged myself out of bed. Walked in the bathroom, jumped in the shower and changed into white skinny's   Purple slide-off shirt and black flats. and braided my hair back. 30 minutes to spare. i brushed a little eye liner and mascara and winked in the mirror to start off my first day at  West high..


I walked downstairs, of course my mom was asleep and dad was at work... I grabbed an apple and walked on to school. As i approached school  i saw these to boys. They looked about 16 and maybe 19. The oldest one winked at me, then i glanced up at the younger one, he just eyed me. He looked me up and down. I blushed and kept on walking. I made it up to school grounds and made it up to the office. There was about 10 other people in there. I waited inline and the guy infront of me looked about a senior was next. he turned around and smiled at me. 'First day?' I looked up to him 'Oh uhm, yeah..' he moved aside. 'You go on first' i shook my head and he spoke before i could ' i insist'." i moved up blushing to the counter. there was a lady , can't be much older than the senior "how may i help you sweetheart?"  "Yeah, my names Savannah Lynn? I'm new here and i need my schedule" she smiled warmly towards me. "Oh yes here you go" She handed it to me and i walked out. i opened up my paper " First period : Health Mr.sparks. room 5432" i rolled my eyes. Ill be here forever. then i felt someone over me, "Need help?" i jumped and it was the boy from outside. I smiled and blushed. "Please?" he smiled back and walked me down the hallway " so..your new here huuh?" i looked up at him "Yep." "What's your name?" I pulled my bag over my arm and smiled "Savannah, you?" "Jason, Mccann" He was so adorable.. but when he looked away i noticed his left eye was bruised.. "What happened to your eye?"  he looked at me "Why does it matter?!" he snapped. It shocked me and he walked away. i sighed. how am i goin to find this stupid class now? i looked up and it was right infront of me. I looked around for him and walked right in, without him.




This sucked. but it's my first..yeah...

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