I Know Him (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

(One Direction are not famous in here)Im Sereena just your average girl. I was found on the street by Louis Tomlinson, and he brought me home when i was 13. His family has been taking care of me since then. The reason i was found where i was is because my mom told me to run away so i wouldnt get hurt by my drunken and aggressive step dad. My mom was then killed right after my leaving in a gas station robbery. I wasnt fully adopted by Lou's parent so i was more of a house guest. I have become best friends with Louis and we moved out into our own little flat. i have had a major crush on him since day one. i cant wait till you here about my life with him when i turned 19 and things changed very much.


1. The Fight

Sereena's POV

Louis has four best friend that all live near us. Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Liam. They are all like family to me, like older brothers. Louis goes out to the club every night with them, i would like to go but Lou says its way to dangerous. I think its more about the first time i ever drank. It was 1 month after my 18th birthday and it was late at night, like 2 am and all the boys were over we were all drunk playing truth or dare and Zayn had dared for me and Louis to kiss so we did but things got a little heated so it led to more serious things and lets just say it was the night i lost my virginity to a drunk man. I didnt intend on the night being that way but it was. Since then Louis hasnt let me drink either. So my life is pretty boring, other then the days were Louis and i are joking around so i get on his nerves by brushing his crotch and he totally flips out and makes sexual faces while moaning.

Other then that our lives are pretty normal. He has his room that i visit some nights because im scared of the dark. I know it sounds weird i mean for god sake im 19. But i have my room which NO ONE is allowed to enter but me. I have this really weird thing were im like a tom boy yet i have this really girly side. My room is like a rainbow threw up on it. Sometimes its pretty embarrassing. But tonights different, its the night me and Louis got into a life changing argument.

That nights happenings:

Tonight is my night. Every week there is one day that Louis doesnt go out. He stays home with me and watches movies, but for the past few weeks he hasnt been keeping his promise. i quickly run down stairs thought to reassure tonight. Right as i reach the bottom of the strairs i heard Lou's phone go off and it was a text. He quickly read it and looked toward me. "Hey Sereena im going to have to cancel tonight. Im going out with the boys." Now i was furious that was the same line i heard once a week for a month. "Louis are you serious you have been ignoring me for a month now. Its really pissing me off and now i dont even want to be here." I yelled he just kept looking at me. "You know what im leaving ill be back later just like you." i grabbed my bag, jacket, and some shoes. As i was walking i put on my shoes and jacket. I was walking because i dont have a car. I went to the only place i could think of at the moment. McDonald's.

Louis' POV

She was right i hadnt had movie night in a month but as soon as she left i broke down on the floor. I grabbed my phone and called her but i got no answer. i quickly text Liam, "Sorry cant go out tonight." i sat on the couch for hours waiting for her return. When the door opened i watched as she quickly ran upstairs. It was 1 am and she left at 11 pm and all i could think of is were did she go for 2 hours. I walked to her room i have never seen it but i knocked, "Babe can we talk?"

"No!" She abruptly shouted through the door. I asked again. Before i knew it the door swung open and her tiny body appeared. "What do you want?" She had a frown crease on her forehead. "I want to talk." Her door fully opened and she gestured for me to enter. As i did i saw something i never expected. Bright colors. i quickly turned my focus to Sereena. "Why are you so upset with me other then me not spending time with you?" She looked at me and rose her eyebrows. "Are f*cking serious Lou. You cant tell that im mad that you cant see i actually like you a lot and want to spend time with." I was shocked. The girl i like actually had feelings for me too. I was sitting on her bed and she joined me now sighing and looked at her lap. "Louis i really so like you and i hate it when your not with me." i just sat there and looked at her. i pulled her face up to mine and kissed her.

Sereena's POV

It was a long passionate kiss. Louis laid onto his back while my arms and legs were on either side of him. The kiss lasted for 2 minutes. I pulled back and rested my head on his chest i felt it rise and lower under neath my head. We just laid there in silence embracing each others warmth. "Wait all this time were you touching my crotch for your own pleasure?" i laughed loudly and to a deep breath in, "I did it for mine and you pleasure." He laughed deeply and i felt the vibrations through his chest.

We both  got up and i spoke, "So are you leaving tonight." He stared into my eyes. "No and i dont think i will for a while." I smiled and he gave me another small peck on the lips.

The end

And that is how my relationship with Louis began and now here i am laying with him in the main room watching Finding Nemo and eating kettle corn.

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