I Know Him (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

(One Direction are not famous in here)Im Sereena just your average girl. I was found on the street by Louis Tomlinson, and he brought me home when i was 13. His family has been taking care of me since then. The reason i was found where i was is because my mom told me to run away so i wouldnt get hurt by my drunken and aggressive step dad. My mom was then killed right after my leaving in a gas station robbery. I wasnt fully adopted by Lou's parent so i was more of a house guest. I have become best friends with Louis and we moved out into our own little flat. i have had a major crush on him since day one. i cant wait till you here about my life with him when i turned 19 and things changed very much.


4. The Effects of Love

A/n: So its the forth of July and im stuck at home with nothing to do so i have be doing things with mah fanfics. By the way i have another one in mind and i want you input Ill tell you more after the chapter.

Sereena's POV

So we finished unpacking and Megan is so happy to be somewhere were she feels excepted and loved. Today Lou's friends are coming over to meet Megan. They learned about here when we got home and Louis called them to explain our new relationship to them. I told Megan she could call us by our first name or by mom and dad what ever she feels comfortable with. She actually chose to call us mom and dad which was the highlight of my day. I told her to go clean up so she could meet her "uncles" and stuff.

 Soon Niall and Harry appear and Megan just finished getting ready. She walks down and shyly checks out Harry trying to hide it. I walk over to her and walk her over to Niall and Harry and introduce her. She shakes both the boys hands and soon Liam and Zayn appear and meet her as well. We are going to the movies and a restaurant. For now we are just going to eat lunch and stuff like that. We all just sat in the living room and began watching The Colony. Its this weird reality show were people are put in a situation as if they were trying to live after the end of the world. (btw it is a real show on netflix) But it is getting near lunch time and Megan was going to help me make some steak and a salad. We walk into the kitchen and i pull out the indoor grill crap and put the steaks on it as Megan starts cutting up some hard boiled eggs. "So Megan, what do you think of your uncles?"

She gets all tense knowing i saw her check Harry out, "Well they all seem nice. And they all have nice faces." Did she just really say they have nice faces, i mean thats like my phrase. "Who do you think has the nicest face? Harry, Niall, Harry, Liam, Harry, Harry, Zayn, or Harry?" No she sighs and slouches. 

"So you did see that. Yeah he is cute, nice, funny, caring, and so sweet." I try so hard not to gag over the fact that my foster daughter has a crush on the guy that is so weird and can get beat up by a girl when he's drunk."Would you mind if i told him?" I ask nonchalantly. She widens her eyes and looks like she's seen a ghost. "Oh god please dont tell him i would die." I nod and turn my face to the grill and then turn it off for a second. Then i look back at Megan and yell, "Im telling him!" then run for the door with her on my tail. I make it out the door and repeatedly scream in Harry's direction, "MEGAN LIKES HARRY, MEGAN LIKES HARRY!!!" Then i trip and fall and Megan sits on me and covers my mouth.

Louis's POV

Megan sat on Sereena to silence her but it was to late. We all knew she like Harry. Its cute dont get me wrong but she will not be dating him. One, she is only 13 and he's 19. Two, he's my mate so thats awkward. Third, he doesnt have a good record with girls. Harry looks at Megan  and laughs a little, Megan looks up and begins to blush a bit. "So you like me?" Harry asks. She nods and looks away but Harry laughs a little more.

"I'm sorry but i dont think we can go out love." She looks down and nods again. "All right lets go talk in the kitchen." He says. Then they walk off into the kitchen as Harry drags her by the hand.

A/N: So heres the chapter. I couldn't think of anything to put here so this is what i came up with. I had some help to so...... But it will take a while for next update sorry guys but ill work hard i promise.

But my next fanfic idea is based off of a munch of stories i read and my own dreams so i am giving credit to them starting with a book called Speak by Laurie H. Anderson, the fanfics Dark, Sleaping With the Enemy, and another one i forgot the tile to but ill find it.

But the idea is there is a girl ( i need a name first, middle, and last) who is accidentally, yes accidentally raped by Harry and she is pissed with him. She never sees him again until a party and when she sees him he almost does it again but doesnt. Harry really likes her but she wont let him into her life and he doesnt know why. Later on she talks to him and explains and then he trys billions of times to apologize and when he does they fall in love and there life continues as does the story. And i dont know if he will be famous or not but i dont think so. So what do you think? Tell me and i will accept all suggestions and hate. But some suggestions will not be used in the story however.  

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