I Know Him (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

(One Direction are not famous in here)Im Sereena just your average girl. I was found on the street by Louis Tomlinson, and he brought me home when i was 13. His family has been taking care of me since then. The reason i was found where i was is because my mom told me to run away so i wouldnt get hurt by my drunken and aggressive step dad. My mom was then killed right after my leaving in a gas station robbery. I wasnt fully adopted by Lou's parent so i was more of a house guest. I have become best friends with Louis and we moved out into our own little flat. i have had a major crush on him since day one. i cant wait till you here about my life with him when i turned 19 and things changed very much.


3. Did you hear that?

Sereena's POV

We were just calmly walking and then we heard a scream. Our attention was pulled to a dark alley where a girl was being pushed to the wall by a tall dark figure. Louis let go of my hand and ran over. I ran to the girl while Louis pulled the man off and punched him. I called the police as i dragged the blonde away. "Police. Whats your emergency?" I looked behind us and picked up the pace, "Yes i was walking with my boyfriend and we found a girl being held hostage in a alley and we got her away but the criminal is still here." I heard some typing in the back. "Okay ma'am we need the street of where you are and the name of the girl, you, and your boyfriend. If its possible the man too."

I gave her all the information and within minutes the police were here and all three of us were being questioned. After we went to the flat with the girl whose name was Megan"So would you like to talk about what just happened?" Lou asked the girl. She looked down at the couch and then back at us. "I was running away and i was stopped by the man and he demanded money. I told him no so he began touching me and i didnt know what to do but scream. Luckily you guys showed up." I understood all of her story but not why she ran away. "So why did you run away? But if you dont feel like sharing that with us i understand." Again she looked away and back, "I ran away from an orphanage. I was about to get adopted but i went to spend a day with my new parents. I found out they arent meant to be parents. They were alcoholics and had drugs every where. I wasnt going to let them take me." I understood her. Having parent with problems you didnt want to deal with yourself. "Well you can stay with us if you like but we have to notify the orphanage about this." Lou said after word.

"Oh that would be wonderful. But they may want to some kind of background check on both of you, because its like your my foster parents." He nods back. I take Megan up to my room. "So this is where you will stay. I have clothes in the closet, but they may be a little big on you. We can take you to the store to get anything else you need." I left her in the room where she said she would take a nap.When i reached down stairs Louis was already on the phone. "Yes, she will be staying with us till we find new parents for her." i heard a few more words till the phone call ended. Louis had walked into the kitchen where i had been for a while, "I just talked to the orphanage and it is okay if she stays here. I learned she i asthmatic and need a new inhaler, shes 13 years old, her full name is Megan Renee Tomlinson for now, and she also has ADD so she needs meds for that too. We can get that with the inhaler at the drug store." I ran upstairs and found her just waking up.

"Come on we are going to the store to get clothes, your meds, and some other stuff." She jumped up and ran through the door.

Louis' POV

We reached the store and walked in and it was almost empty. First we went to the clothes and got her 10 out fits and 5 pairs of shoes. We went to the pharmacy to receive all the required medication. After we went to the food area and grabbed lots of things. When we checked out it was already 3 pm. We drove home and the girls began unpacking.

A few seconds after they left i began to relise something. I was going to be a foster parent. I was going to be a dad and Sereena was a mum. The excitement began rushing through my body. It was all strange though. We had just started a family of our own for a short amount of time but it was just only yesterday we ended up together. This would have its ups and downs but i just couldnt wait for it to really start.

A/N: So this chapter wasnt really planed because i havent written it in ages so i forgot my original plan. But hey its okay i think it just makes the relationship even more interesting i guess. But there will be big gaps between updates because i got grounded. Sorry guys but at least i will still update!!!


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