I Know Him (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

(One Direction are not famous in here)Im Sereena just your average girl. I was found on the street by Louis Tomlinson, and he brought me home when i was 13. His family has been taking care of me since then. The reason i was found where i was is because my mom told me to run away so i wouldnt get hurt by my drunken and aggressive step dad. My mom was then killed right after my leaving in a gas station robbery. I wasnt fully adopted by Lou's parent so i was more of a house guest. I have become best friends with Louis and we moved out into our own little flat. i have had a major crush on him since day one. i cant wait till you here about my life with him when i turned 19 and things changed very much.


2. Afterwards

Louis' POV

Its 12 pm and i woke up to a warm feeling on top of me. I open my eyes slowly and remember the previous night. The fight between me and Sereena that led to us kissing. I looked at her face covered in freckles. Her body slowly falling and rising off mine. I couldnt stop the smile that began to appear on my face. I looked toward her tiny body which reminded me of the old nickname i gave her when she first moved in. I called her Tiny because of the size she was. She is still way smaller then me. I would say about 5 inches shorter and 60 pounds less then my self. I kissed the top of her head and rapped my arms around her. Sereena began to stir and her eyes opened. Her head moved up and she looked at me, "Good morning Tiny." She gave me a big smile and laid back down. "Will you go make some tea?" She spoke softly. "I would love to but i cant if im being held down by you." I chuckled and she lazily rolled off onto the spot next to me. I got up and she grabbed my arm and then flung hers up, "Carry me please." I knew it was more of a statement then question. I bent down grabbed her waist while her long legs wrapped around my torso and her arms rapped around my neck.

When we reached the kitchen i placed her on the counter while i began to put water in the kettle. She grabbed two cups and the box of tea. I placed the tea bag into the cup as i waited for the water to boil. I walked up to Sereena and put my hands on her waist. She lent down to kiss me and we soon began to snog. The heated session was interrupted by the screech of the kettle. " To be continued." I said. She gave off a small chuckle. After i made the tea Sereena hooped off the counter and went to the stove and began to cook bacon and eggs. She was an amazing girl, and i loved her.

Sereena's POV

I was cooking breakfast but while i was standing there i could tell Louis was staring at me. I felt a little uncomfortable even thought its him i just do. I never like it when people look at me it makes me feel like theres something wrong with me. I dont even ike it when people touch me in the way perverted people do, unless its like someone im EXTREMELY close to. Like for instance Louis i dont really mind, his friends are okay but not like the way Lou is, then there are strangers. I have this weird habit that i like chop people i dont know even if they just touch my arm. But any ways to get my mind off of it i will continue with my favourite activity. Cooking. I learned how to cook form my grandmother before she passed away. i would cook for the Tomlinson's and i remember that i would receive the most complements from Louis mom. She was always fascinated by my life and how it worked. Her and BooBear are the only ones i told everything to but they never asked about my real dad which surprised me. I soon and froze after i felt a warm hand on my bum. Soon two arms snaked around my waist and i was pulled into a warmth. I saw out of the side of  my eye Louis' face bury into the crook of my neck. "Lets hurry and eat so we can go to the park." he whispered into my ear. I finished cooking then ran into my room. I got on some faded shorts, converse, and a blue tank-top on. We headed to the park that was only a 10 minute walk. Louis had grabbed my hand and pulled me in closely. i enter-twined our fingers. We continued walking then i heard screaming. 


A/N: Ahhhh cliff hanger!!! Wait till you see what happens next..... Its gunna be epic.

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