Ever wonder if nightmares come true? 14 year-old Stephanie Dian finds herself kidnapped while sneaking out to the park. She wanted some alone time.. but not with a stranger. Her overprotective parents are freaking out. Will they ever see each other again?


3. The Ice cream Man

Crystal and I entered the deserted park and sat down on a park bench.

-I am so glad to be out of the house. Crystal told me.

-Same here! So how are things with you and Lance?

Lance was her amazing boyfriend. he was kind and did anything for Crystal. He even got her a cat! This is Lance:

-Amazing!! Speaking of lance I just got a call from him. She stepped away to have a little privacy. Lance is taking me on a date.. you don't mind watching yourself?

-Nope not at all. Have fun! 

Then my sister  left with a huge smile on her face. She was practically skipping.. lol. Not long after she left I heard the ice cream truck. MM.. Ice Cream.. I took 2 dollars out of my pocket and waited for it to come over. There were 2 boys in the truck. Both were about my age and good looking..  

-Hello gorgeous!! The names Kevin... and u are? One of the boys said.

-I'm Stephanie...

-Well Stephanie I'm sure you want me more than u want Kevin cause i am way hotter. I am Justin at your service at always.

- Well Justin and Kevin, I would like to get the Jolly Ranchers Watermelon cup please..

-I'll get it! The boys said at the same time. Then they started fighting over who gives me the ice cream. Finally , Justin won. Kevin stepped out of the car and started a conversation with me. 



-Wanna hang out Friday night to get to know each other?

- Of course!

- Here's my number. I gave him mine back

Justin handed me my ice cream and Kevin waved good bye also giving me a wink. I blushed. Then i left with a huge grin and was practically skipping.. lol

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