Ever wonder if nightmares come true? 14 year-old Stephanie Dian finds herself kidnapped while sneaking out to the park. She wanted some alone time.. but not with a stranger. Her overprotective parents are freaking out. Will they ever see each other again?


2. Rumors

I raced down the stairs and found my parents awake, cooking breakfast

- Morning Mom! Morning Dad! Mmmmm... Smells delicious! Whatcha making mom?

-Toast and a side of my famous scrambled eggs!

- YES! shouted my sister who randomly appeared out of nowhere.

My mom laughed and handed both of us a delicious plate of breakfast.

-Bye girls. Bye honey. My dad left the kitchen and soon we heard the garage door open. My sister and I went to the living room. Crystal turned on the tv to find the news on.

(News Person) -This week all schools will be closed due to safety. Many children have gone missing mysteriously in the afternoon. Police are saying it may be kidnappers. Keep your children at home for safety. Thank you. And know for the commercial break.... (State farm commercial comes on)

- Crystal... u think we still should go to the park?

-Obviously, we live in Manhattan,New York. In the news they didn't say that he was in New York.Its not like this kidnapper can actually trick teens into coming into their cars.

-Well we might as well get dressed.

Then we headed up the stairs.

(News)- And we're back with another exciting story. This letter is from the mayor. Most kidnapping activity is happening around the parks of Manhattan, New York. If you live in New York DO NOT GO OUTSIDE!!!!

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