Ever wonder if nightmares come true? 14 year-old Stephanie Dian finds herself kidnapped while sneaking out to the park. She wanted some alone time.. but not with a stranger. Her overprotective parents are freaking out. Will they ever see each other again?


1. Overprotective

Ever feel like your parents are stalking you? My parents are the most overprotective people on Earth. They would check on me every 5 minutes... Can't a girl get some privacy? I leaned against my purple couch and picked up my Iphone. Bzzzt.... my phone vibrates in my hand. 


-Hey Steph!

-Hi Crystal? Ummm. Aren't you in your room?

-Nope... I'm in your room!

I looked up and found my older sister, Crystal, standing in the doorway. She got her name because of her eyes. Here's a picture.

Anyway, we're good sisters. We don't fight that much. But that doesn't mean we always got along.....

But eventually we get along. I smiled as my sister walked into my room and sat down next to me.

-So, you wanna head to the park?

-I don't see why not. I smiled

-Later tonight, kay?

-I'll be there!


She left my room(picture below) to pick out her outfit(picture under room)

(This is my outfit just incase you're wondering!)

I glanced at a photo frame next to  my bed.

-Let's hope nothing happens to those 2 pretty faces!



Message from the Author:

HI! I hope you are enjoying the book so far... 

I know I'm not the best writer so please comment below and tell me if I should add anything!!

Sorry it's so short!


P.S. The next chapter is called Rumors... try and guess what will happen!

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