Invisible Angel series: Dilyn Damen

Second book in the Invisible angel series.


1. Get cape. Wear cape. Fly

Dilyn Damen was young. No older than nine. But yet, he was going to die soon. I didn't tell you much about myself in Cassidy's story, so I might another time. Just not now. Dilyn was a daydreamer, head in the clouds, I don't care what you think of me, kid. he had good grades for his age, and he reads like no tommorow. He actually studies older class work in his english. He was supposed to be an author in his future. It's written down. But what happens to Dilyn? Yes, I know, you're begging for the answer. How could a nine year old die? I'm going to tell you later, and by then you'll have probably figured it out.

Dilyn, as I said earlier, was a dreamer. He only paid attentiont to his imagination, and there's nothing wrong with that. When I was human, I used to be like that. But I was supposed to be an artist. I can actually draw quite well too. But anyway. Dilyn was heading to school, and saw a woman being mugged. Dilyn thought he could stop the man doing it, and went up to the man and tugged on his sleeve. The man, when he saw Dylan, became enraged.

"You little peice of crap! You think you can stop me? YOU THOUGHT WRONG!" The pshyco roared, and tears smarted at Dilyn's eyes.

"I-I-I'm sorry, I-I'll go if you want me to!" He wailed, and my eyes softened. I wasn't able to interfere with their deaths, And when it was a kid as young as this one, I always felt upset. I walked up to him, and tried to make myself visible, no matter what, I couldn't. The man paused for a second, considering it, than smiled an evil, cruel smile. I almost felt my heart shatter as he swung his fist, and smashed Dilyn in the face. I felt tears fall from my face. This was vile. As Dilyn hit the ground, I could see his memories of him while he was a little kid. Always running around his yard with a red blanket tied around his shoulders to make a cape.


All he ever wanted was to be somebody's hero.

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