One Direction Imagines/Preferences

Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)


4. Preference 02

 Preference: How you meet.

 Louis: You were at the mall, with your best friend, (Y/B/F/N) and you both were inside 'Forever 21'. As you were searching the racks for something cute to wear, you felt a sharp pain in your lower back. "Ow," you yelped. You turn around and you saw amazingly blue eyes staring into yours. "I'm so sorry love, this idiot bumped me into you," he said pointing to the curly haired-boy behind him. "He likes you," the boy blurted out. "Shut up Harry," the boy said in his British accent. "How about I buy you this as a I'm sorry for breaking your back," He said taking the clothing from your hands. "Thanks," you smiled. 

 Zayn: You and your brother (Y/B/N) were at a Bon Jovi concert and you were getting thirsty. "I'm going to get a drink," you said to your brother. After trying to pass through the giant crowd, you finally made it to the bar. "What would you like?" a small, asian man asked. "I want a beer, thanks." you said, showing him your ID. "That would be 3.99," he said after making your drink. "Shit, I forgot my money," You said bummed. "I'll pay." You turn your head to find a really sexy boy sitting a couple seats next to you. "It's ok, you don't have to." "I don't mind buying for a pretty lady," He said smiling, already handing the man a 5 dollar bill. You both sat at the bar the whole night getting to know each other.

 Harry: You just zipped up the zipper to your purple, tight, mid high lengh dress. Tonight, your mom was having a dinner with her boss and her family. Once you guys got to the very fancy restaurant, the waiter walked you to the table to meet your mother's new boss. Once you got there, you saw a middle aged lady, a young women, and a young man. He was breathtaking, and you wished to get to know him more. "Hello love, I'm Harry," he said, then kissed your hand. "I'm (Y/N)," you said blushing. You thanked god that you were sitting next to him. After that dinner, you guys hung out alot more and then he finally asked you to be his girlfriend.

 Liam: "Thank you, have a nice day," you heard a boy say ahead of you. As the line moved up, you caught a glimpse of the really cute Starbucks guy. You suddenly felt yourself blush by his cuteness. Before you were next, you made sure you didn't look too horrifying. Person by person, the line got shorter and soon, it was your turn to order. "Hi," he blushed. "Hi. Can I have a mocha latte?" You asked politely. He nodded his head and walked away. No later then 5 minutes, he was back with your drink. You handed him your credit card, and as you walked out you noticed writing on your cup. The cup read a number then said, "call me" with a heart. You turned and looked as him as he blushed and winked. That night, you texted him all night and soon you started dating. 

 Niall: You were at college, and you were staying in a dorm with your best friend, (Y/B/F/N). You both were currently out of food, and you can't go without food, so you decided to hit the supermarket. After grabbing almost every delicious thing you found, you searched down the last aisle and saw a cute blonde boy there. Walking down the aisle, you saw your favorite snack, and just as you were about to grab it, the blonde boy tried grabbing it too. "Um excuse me, I grabbed it first," you said, as polite as possible. "Um, I did." He retorted. No matter how cute you thought he was, you wouldn't let him smack you around like this. "Give. It. To. Me," you said through clenched teeth. After arguing with him for a couple minutes, he finally surrendered. You walked down to the other end of the aisle to pick out another snack, without your cart. After checking out and getting into your car, you saw a piece of paper sticking out of your purse. "I'm sorry for being rude to such a beautiful girl like you. Meet me at Nando's @ 7? -Niall xx" you read. That night, you decided you would go and soon, you both started dating. 

 A/N; idek, I'm running out of ideas. Leave suggestions in the comments! But guysss 8 more days until my One Direction concert! I'm scared horse balls. Anyway, I apologize osnapitzshelby for not writing your imagine, I'm kinda stuck on what to write:/ anyway, I'll work on it and hopefully finish it today. Guysssss sorry about not updating, been busy with graduation and school ending:( If you want a personal imagine, leave the info below!:) Fav/comment/like and fan meeeee!-Madi xx

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