One Direction Imagines/Preferences

Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)


3. Preference 01

 Preference: How he proposes. 

 Louis: You and Louis have been dating for over 2 years now, and you guys are still stronger than ever. Tonight, he wanted to take you out for your 2 year anniversary. You didn't know where he was going to take you, but he told you to dress casual. You dressed in a white sweater, gray tights, and black boots, and to top it off you wore a sparkly black scarf. You curled your hair and wore a little bit of makeup. "Ready love?" He asked. You nodded and you guys intertwined hands. The previous night before, he gave you a pandora bracelet with many charms that resembled your life. When your curiosity started getting the better of you, he pulled up to a coffee shop. He told you to get a seat and he went to order, since he knows what your favorite drink is. After getting both of your teas, you guys talked about an upcoming vacation he wanted to take you to. Once you finished your tea, you pulled your phone out of your pocket. Realizing there was something on the bottom of your mug, you read the words that said 'will you marry me'. You looked up and Louis was smirking at you. "Will you?" He asked shyly. You smiled and nodded, and he gave you a passionate kiss. 

 Zayn: Today was your 20th birthday and Zayn wanted to spend the day with you at the park. You woke up with a text from Zayn that said: "Happy birthday babe<3 Meet me at the park at 11:00, love you .xx" You looked at the clock and realized it was 9:30 so you immediately ran to the shower. You wore a turquoise dress with a black leather jacket, scarf, leggings, and your boots. You didn't know what else to do with your hair, so you just threw it into a perfect messy bun. You grabbed your sunglasses and purse, and you were out the door. Once you arrived at the park, you saw your perfect boyfriend sitting on a blanket, and on the blanket was all of your favorite food, varying from Italian food, to candy. He got up and approached you with a hug and sweet kiss. "Happy Birthday beautiful," he said. You both laid on the blanket and watched the clouds, as you fed each other chocolate-covered strawberries. Looking at the clouds, you saw an airplane that spelt out, "Happy Birthday (Y/N), will you marry me?" You looked over at Zayn, and didn't noticed he got up when you saw him on one knee holding a ring. "Will you?" "Yes" You kissed his nose, and hugged him tightly. 

 Harry: You've been begging your boyfriend, Harry, for a long time to get a kitten in the apartment you both shared. He always said no, because ever since his kitten in Cheshire died, he didn't want to get a new one. One night, you were at home watching your favorite t.v show in the room you and Harry shared while Harry was in the studio recording his new single. You heard someone downstairs, and you got slightly scared because Harry wasn't supposed to be home this early. Recording takes at least, 3-6 hours, and it had only been 1. You took a bat from the closet you always kept in there, and slowly tip-toed downstairs. Before you reached the bottom of the stairs, you heard glass breaking, so you ran back upstairs. When you calmed yourself down, you tiptoed back downstairs. You were inching towards the living room, until you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned around, prepared to swing at the person intruding your apartment, until you realized it was Harry, You were both startled for a second, until you hugged him tightly, still scared. "It's alright, Baby. I have a surprise for you. I went out and got you this," He said with his hands behind his back. He then surprised you with the cutest, and smallest kitten you've ever seen before. On the kitten's collar, it said, "will you marry me" with a ring attached to her collar. You looked at Harry and smiled, giving him a kiss, signaling it as a yes. 

 Liam: Liam and his band mates had just gotten off a world tour last week, so he had 3 months off to do what ever he wanted, and he chose to spend it with you. But unfortunately, you had work and lately since your clothing line was just sponsored and it's been stressing you out lately. One day, you were working from 3 am to 11 pm and when you got home, the only thing you were looking forward to was sleeping. When you walked through the door at night, you noticed Liam wasn't there, which was rare because he always waits for you in the living room with a cup of tea, but tonight he wasn't there. You figured he was sleeping, so you just walked up the stairs, towards your room. Once you got to the end of the stairs, and noticed in the hallway, a line of petals all the way to the other end, as well as a long piece of ribbon, your favorite color of course. On the ribbon was a whole bunch of dates and events on a flash card from events leading to when you met 3 years ago, to a couple weeks ago. The first card said, "September 7th, 2010. We met on flight 203 to Australia." The ribbon was about 10 feet long, filled up with dates and events. You went down the ribbon, reading each one was you went. The second to last one said, "April 4th, 2013. I took you on a vacation to Paris and we kissed on the Eiffel Tower." The last one was, "April 28th, 2013. The day I propose." Next to the flash card was a beautiful ring. You felt someone tap your shoulder, and you turned around to your handsome boyfriend in a tuxedo with a rose in his hand. "I love you (Y/N), more than anything in this world. Will you marry me?" Your eyes were welled up with tears, so you nodded and kissed him.

 Niall: Today was Valentines Day, you and your boyfriend Niall's favorite holiday because it was the day for just you and him. Earlier today, he took you for a walk to the park, where you both had ice cream, and he sang you a song he wrote for you. You loved your boyfriend to pieces because he is the sweetest thing ever, and you both shared the same traits. For example, you both were Irish, you both had blonde hair and blue eyes, and you both loved food. He wanted to take you to a really fancy and expensive restaurant, and of course you told him the cost of something doesn't count. But, he insisted. You wore a red dress, tight on the top, and loose on the skirt part with a black belt in the middle, with your fancy red heels. At the restaurant, you both ordered the same thing, and then talked about his upcoming tour. When it was dessert time, you both were going to share a cake that he requested that said both of your names on it. Sweet, sweet Niall. Once the cake arrived, you were ready to dig in until you saw the words, "Marry me?" around the perimeter of the tray. You looked at your boyfriend holding a ring. "I love you more than words can explain. Will you be my wife?" You smiled and got all teary eyed. "Of course my little leprechaun " You said hugging him, then you both ate the cake.

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