One Direction Imagines/Preferences

Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)


12. For: zaynmyboy

 Today was my first day at my new school in Bradford today. Back at my old school, I wasn't very popular either. I would always sit alone in the back of the room, eat lunch alone, and after the day ended I would go to dance class which was always my favorite. 

 As I was walking the halls of my new school, I tried finding my new locker. It was defiantly weird moving schools. Everything was different considering you used to live in America. The classes were different, the school, even the lockers were different. It was strange, and it would all defiantly take some time. 

  When I walked into Spanish class, everyone was already seated in their seats. I walked up to the teacher and informed him that I was the new student, and he made me introduce myself. "I'm Deajah," I introduced quietly. "You can take a seat next to Zayn," the teacher said. I searched the room and saw the most gorgeous boy holding his hand up. He was beyond gorgeous with his tan skin, brown quiff, and tattoos. 

 I sat down next to him and he smiled at me, I lightly smiled back and paid close attention to the lesson.


 After 4 months of being at my new school, I've made no friends, although some people have said hi to me and have been friendly. In dance class, I did be-friend a girl named Casey, and she was really nice. Zayn and I talk sometimes, but we don't really hang out. I really like him, he's super nice and he is great looking. 

 When I walked into Spanish class, most kids were there, but the teacher wasn't there so everyone was talking. I sat in my seat, and I began doodling, keeping quiet to myself while everyone else was talking. All of the sudden, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I flicked my black hair out of my face to see Zayn speaking to me. He handed me a piece of paper with a note that said,: 'vas a salir conmigo?' (which meant, will you go out with me). "Yes Zayn," I smiled. And that was the start of our beautiful relationship. 

 A/N: Here you go, zaynmyboy! Guys don't forget to fav/comment/like this fanfic! Also fan me!(: Keep leaving suggestions for imagines and preferences, I'm running out of ideas! (as you can clearly tell). Sorry it sucked Deajah :( Up next: Ciara Brocksmith. Much love, Madi xx (not edited)

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