One Direction Imagines/Preferences

Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)


17. For: SweetDirectioner


 I smiled as me and my boyfriend, Louis walked hand-in-hand down the streets of England. Today was a rare day. During the summer, it usually rains all day in England, but today it was surprisingly sunny, giving it a perfect day for Louis and I to get out and spend the day together. 

 Louis today, had also been spoiling me rotten. He woke me up at 7 a.m this morning and made me breakfast in bed then sent me to a salon where they did my makeup, hair, and gave me a really cute, but expensive outfit to wear. After that this morning, he took me to the mall where he bought me a bunch of clothes I desired, a pair of running shoes, and Demi Lavato's new album, which was hands down my favorite. 

 "Lou, why are you spoiling me so much today? My birthday isn't for another 7 months," I chuckled. I looked at him to find him smiling that ridiculously cute smile at me while rubbing circles on my hand. 

 "I can't make sure my beautiful girlfriend has a wonderful day with her hot boyfriend?" He said smirking. I shook my head, laughing lightly. 

 "You're such a retard." I got on my tip-toes and kissed his nose. We continued walking down the England streets, soon enough Louis stopped me in front of a Starbucks. My Lou knows me so well.


 After my long excursion with Louis, we both came home and we played board games like Monopoly, Sorry, and Scrabble. Of course, Louis cheated every time. Currently, we were on the couch, watching The Titanic, a sappy movie Louis wanted to watch because he said, "I want to watch it with the women I love." It was incredibly cute, but cheesy. 

 Within 2 hours of the movie, I yawned and laid my head on Louis' lap, while he played with my blonde hair. 

 "Want to go to bed, Love?" He asked kissing me on the forehead. I closed my eyes, and nodded my head. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, and I laughed and smacked his bum. He laid me down on our bed, while hovering over me. He looked into my eyes, as I looked into his blue eyes, which was probably my favorite thing about him. 

 "I love you so much," he whispered so quietly, I barely heard it, yet it held so much emotion in it. I smiled and put my hands in his hair, tugging his head down. We kissed passionately for about 10 seconds, until he pulled away, making me pout. 

 "I love your beautiful blue eyes," he muttered, kissing my forehead. "I love your long, blonde hair," he muttered again, whilst kissing my nose. "Your funny personality." He kissed my lips. "Your sweet and caring personality." Then my chin, right under my bottom lip. "Your beautiful face." Then my neck. "Your body drives me crazy." Then my chest. "I love everything about you," he said, pulling my shirt up, giving soft kisses all over my tummy that sent butterflies exploding in my stomach. No, not butterflies, more like a zoo. 

 "I love you, Josie," he whispered. I smiled ear to ear. "I love you too, Lou." I kissed his cheek while I close my eyes. I felt movement by my right side, then I knew Louis was no longer in bed, but didn't bother opening my eyes. I heard a click, signaling he turned off the light then I felt the bed sink beside me where Louis had laid down, facing the opposite way I was laying.

 I opened my eyes to kiss Louis once more, but noticed something on the ceiling. In bright colorful glow sticks, I read the words "will you marry me?" on my ceiling. I felt that familiar zoo burst out of my stomach with excitement then hugged Louis' side really tight. 

 "Of course I'll marry you Louis Tomlinson," I whispered.

 A/N: ahhhh, here you go Josie! sorry it sucks, I was kinda rushing because my shockwave flash in my computer crashed so I wanted to finish this without it un-saving, like it did earlier today! I got so mad! anyway, the last part at the end of the chapter where he was naming things he loved about her gave me feels, lol. hope you enjoyed your cookie c; but yeah, I might do one or two more imagines tonight and do some more tomorrow! thank you all SO much for the patience, I'm sorry my body decided to be sick ): -Madi (: xx 

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