One Direction Imagines/Preferences

Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)


14. For: Niall ate my name

(One Direction famous!)

 "Charlotte, this is great! I'm going to be a dad, and you're going to be a mum!" Harry yelled excitedly. I had just told my boyfriend, Harry the exciting news that I was pregnant. I am now 10 weeks pregnant. That night, we invited the boys, their girlfriends, and my best friend Casey over. Harry and I made everyone dinner and we sat and played a card game together. 

 Harry and I both stood up after the fourth game ended to tell them the news. "We have some really exciting news to tell everyone," Harry started. "I'm pregnant!" I smiled. Everyone was really excited then Louis screamed,: "I'm going to be an uncle!" We all laughed and continued playing a couple more games of cards. 

 A couple of days later, we invited my family and Harry's family for a barbecue and we told them the same news. I was quite surprised when everyone was happy. I expected our parents to yell at us and tell us how irresponsible were are to have a kid at 18, but they congratulated us and hugged us.

 || 5 Months Later ||

 Today was my first baby scan for the baby to tell the gender and make sure it was healthy, etc. My baby bump is clearly visible. Some people say nasty comments about me once in a while, but I don't let it bring me down. I'm starting a family with the man I love. Harry and I are starting to plan on getting married after we give birth to our child. 

 "Ready, Babe?" Harry asked. I nodded and grabbed his hand and we walked out to the car. In the car we started discussing baby names we liked. "If it's a boy, I want Matthew," Harry stated. Harry kept giving all the common names. James, Adam, Kyle, Alex, etc. Same with the girl names. Alexis, Brianna, Heather, Hannah, you get what I mean. 

 "Babe, why do you keep picking common names? Don't you want our baby to have a unique name?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders and we were already there. We walked in hand in hand and I was so nervous. What if the little creature growing inside of me was un-healthy? Harry hugged me to help me calm down. 

 We waited in the waiting room patiently until we heard my name. "Charlotte," the nurse said. We followed her into the baby scanning room and she asked me to lay down. I did and Harry was right by my side, holding my hand. She rubbed the special gel on my belly and dragged the scanner over my belly as we looked onto the screen. 

 "Congratulations, it's a girl," she smiled warmly. I kissed Harry and he squeezed my hand tighter. "I like Darcy," he whispered, then kissed my cheek. 

 A/N: Sorry Charlotte, it kinda sucked but you know. I might not be able to finish the rest today because I have practice, but I'll try to finish as much as I can. Up next: SweetDirectioner Much love, Madi xx


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