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Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)


19. For: Mrs.Payne991

                                                                                  (1D NOT FAMOUS)

 "Ready, Freddy?" Liam asked. I tightened the shoe laces on my black converse and stood up in front of my best friend standing in the doorway. "Ready, ready," I smiled. We both walked out of my house and walked side by side to school. 

 "So did you study for our chemistry test today?" I asked. He smiled at me. "Of course! Did you?" He pressed. I laughed. "You know me, I always study." He put his arm around my shoulder and I put mine around his waist. I smelt his familiar cologne that I bought him for his birthday 4 months ago. Liam and I go waaaaaay back to the 3rd grade. He was getting bullied by a kid and I stood up for him. Ever since, we've been joined at the hip. 

 "So when are you going to ask that one girl to prom?" I complained. He looked down at me and arched an eyebrow. "What girl?" I sighed. "The girl you told me you've liked forever and wanted to ask to prom," I said in a 'duh' voice. "I don't think I'm going to ask her to prom." I got out of his grasp and stood in front of him with my hands on my hips. 

 "Liam Payne, you are going to ask that girl out, you are going to the prom together, and you both will fall in love! If you don't ask her out then I'm going to ask her out for you!" I said sternly, scowling like a mother would. Out of the 9 years I've known Liam, he has never had a girlfriend. I've had a few boyfriends here and there, but Liam hasn't had 1 girlfriend, and I'm determined to get him one. 

 Once we arrived at our familiar school, we headed straight for our lockers that are located right next to each other's. Liam and I are in every class together, and our lockers are next to each other, so I'm with him all day. We both like to keep to ourselves and we don't have any friends, just each other. We both grabbed our books and headed to chemistry to ace that test. 


 "I need food," I groaned on Liam's bed. "Come on then, let's get some then!" Liam grabbed me by my waist and threw me over his shoulder. Now, I bet you would expect me to start hitting him and yelling at him to put me down, but this actually is a normal thing for us. 

 He set me down on a stool at his kitchen island and went to the fridge to pull out a bunch of ingredients. He went to the stove and started making us food. His parents were at work still and his sisters were in college. "So I've wanted to ask you something," Liam said setting down a bowl of pasta in front of me, making my mouth water. He said across from me with his own bowl. 

 "Ask away," I said stuffing my mouth with pasta. "Since we both have no dates to prom-" "Are you trying to make me feel bad?" I asked. He chuckled. "No, what I was going to say was that I propose that we go to the prom together as friends since we have no dates. It's not like anyone would ask us anyway." 

 "So you're saying no one would ever ask me?" I asked putting a hand on my chest, looking offended. "Well, why would they?" He smirked. I pouted. "I'm kidding. Yes or no?" He asked. "Sure. But, I'm pretty sure when you ask someone to prom it has to be special and sweet though," I smirked. He rolled his eyes and grabbed a flower from the vase sitting behind him. 

 He stood next me and I turned my stool so I could be facing him. "Emily, would you please accompany me to the prom as my date?" He asked on one knee. I wiped away a fake tear while resting my hand on my heart. "Of course Liam." I smirked. He chuckled and sat his stool before as we continued eating discussing our plans for prom. 

 *Night of prom* 

 I smiled at my appearance in the mirror. "Emily, Liam is here!" My mom yelled from downstairs. I did a quick check-up of me before heading downstairs. I was wearing a long baby blue dress with diamond sequence on the top. I walked downstairs and saw Liam smiling at me in his black tux with a matching baby blue tie and vest.

 We gave each other our flowers and he smiled at me. "You look great," he smiled. "You too." My parents took a few pictures of us together. He looked at me and smiled again. "Ready, Freddy?" he asked. "Ready, ready." I smiled. 


 "Would you like to dance, m'lady," Liam said in a posh accent. "Why thank you, kind sir," I said returning the same accent. He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor where a bunch of people were dancing with their dates or friends. 

 He put his hands on my waist and I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. "Thank you for making this special," I said sincerely to Liam. "Your welcome." He stared at me for a while, making me blush. "Why are you looking at me?" I said blushing. "You just look so beautiful," he whispered. I blushed even more, good think it was a little dark. 

 We kept dancing until I heard my name. "Emily?" he asked. I gave him my full attention as we continued to dance. "I have to tell you something." I gave him a questioning look. He looked at me then kissed me. It was magnificent. It was a sweet, small kiss although it made millions of butterflies appear in my stomach. "I love you," he whispered, then kissed my cheek. 

 A/N: woah, this was long -_- anyway, I hoped you liked it Emily! c: okay, so I've been talking to this girl named Emily (emily got swag) and she is seriously so sweet! So if you ever need someone to talk to about any problems, or you just want to talk to me, kik me at iluvsoccer02, or email me at I would love to talk to you guys! Anyway, I said I would give a dedication to the person who answered the question correctly, first. The question is after this author's note! Love you all! Don't forget to fan/comment/like this! Up next: the mrs zayn malik. -Madi (: xx

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