One Direction Imagines/Preferences

Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)




 As I watched Adventure Time on the couch, I heard my phone vibrate. My smile widened and I felt my heart pound once I saw the caller I.D. "Lou<3" the screen read. I turn the tv off and answered the phone. 


 "Hey Maya" I could practically hear his smile on the other end of the phone. 

 "How are you? I miss you so much!" I said with tears in my eyes. Louis has been on a world tour with his band and I haven't seen him in 4 months. I was always with Louis 24/7, growing up as a child. I've never been away from him this long.

 "I miss you too, Love! And I'm doing fine, I'm tired. How are you? I wanted to call to check up on you."

 "I'm bored. I really, really miss you Lou," I said letting a single tear fall. 

 "I know," he whispered, and I could tell he was trying to fight back tears as well. 

 "But don't cry, Love. Just go back to watching Adventure Time." I could tell he was smirking on the other end. I laughed.

 "You know me so much Louis. Now why don't you go back to pranking Zayn in his sleep," I smirked. 

 "I was actually pranking Niall thank you very much! I gotta go, Munchkin. Muah!" He said 

 "Bye Lou," I laughed. I ended the call and went to my camera and went to the album titled 'Boo Bear'. I went through all of the photos of him and I. I couldn't help but cry. Yes, I know, how wimpy of me. But Louis is more than a friend. He's my best friend, he's my life saver. Without him, I probably wouldn't be here today. I'm used to being hooked by Louis' side all the time, it's weird being alone like this without him.

 I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. 'This is bullshit' I thought to myself. Louis is living his dream out there. Why should I be moping around? 'What would I do if Louis were here?' I asked myself. I scanned the game room. 'Pool table, video games, Wii, ping pong..nope they all sound boring.' I sighed again and laid down on the couch and closed my eyes and tried to take a nap. 


 I woke up to my phone ringing and lazily got up, searching for my lost device. My eyes snapped open. 'That's not a just a ringtone, that's Louis' ringtone' I said to myself. I quickly got up and took the blanket that was on me and shook it around, hoping my phone would fall out. All the sudden my phone flies out of the blanket and lands under the coffee table. 'Son of a bitch'. I said to myself. 

 I dove onto the floor and tried to reach my hand to grab the phone. I only was able to get 1 finger on it, which I used as an advantage to pull the phone slightly towards me, allowing me to grab it. 'Hell ya, I'm a fucking wizard,' I smiled to myself. I pressed the answer button and my phone flew to my ear. I bet you're wondering why I'm being so frantic about answering a stupid phone call. Well, Louis can only call me once a day, sometimes once a week, so I'm not going to give up a chance to talk to my best friend. 

 "Hello?" I asked into the phone.

 "Maya! I have great news!" He yelled.

 "The tours over?" I asked with hope.

 "No." He said. 'Thanks for fucking ruining my happiness Lou,'


 "But? But what!" He laughed at me.

 "Woah, someone's impatient," he laughed.

 "Louis! Tell me the fucking news!" I yelled.

 "Okay, okay calm down. Anyway Paul just told me that our next concert is in Doncaster so guess who is sitting front row at One Direction!" You know how in those cliche movies where someone is drinking a drink and when they get told great news or bad, they spit it out? Well this would be the perfect time.

 "Louis William Tomlinson oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I'm so fucking happy I can't wait to hug you again!" I yelled looking like a mental patient, making him laugh over the phone. 

 "I know, Love. Me neither. But I gotta go, you'll get the tickets in your mail tomorrow. Goodnight, Munchkin."

 "Bye Boo Bear."


 "You don't kno-o-ow, you don't know you're beautiful, o-oh, that's what makes you beautiful!" I sang along with the crowd while the boys sang and jumped on stage. Louis kept standing in front of me the whole time and would sing to me half the songs. It was such a great night, and I was happy to even be in the same room as Louis. I loved One Direction's music, and I was lucky to be best friend's with one of the band members or else I wouldn't even be here. Unfortunately, What Makes You Beautiful was the last song and the concert was over. 

 "Before everyone leaves," I heard Louis. Every pair of eyes were now on the boy stood on the stage.

 "Ok, so there is this girl that I've known forever..and I really like her. And she's in the front row," he said. Suddenly there was a spotlight on me and I was so embarrassed. "Maya, I love you." Then, he got onto his stomach so he was facing me. I grabbed his face and kissed him sweetly. "I love you, too Boo Bear," I whispered.

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