One Direction Imagines/Preferences

Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)


7. For: karlee_99


 "Oh my gosh, finally," I huffed, falling onto my couch. My and my sister, (Y/S/N) just moved into an apartment together while we go to college, and we just finished packing everything. I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes, hoping to fall into a deep slumber. But then I heard loud music, that made my head feel like it was smacked with a hammer. I growled in annoyance as I marched towards the door. 

 I yanked open the door with fury and turned my head both ways to find the ignorant person disturbing my precious slumber. And of course, the culprit was straight across from me.I stomped to the apartment directly across from mine, and knocked furiously on the door with rage. 

 I cringed when a boy opened the door, allowing the loud music to fill my ears. "Yes?" He asked. His brown almond eyes locked with my (Y/E/C) ones. I was hypnotized my the sparkle in his eyes. I shook my head and realized why I was here. 

 "Can you turn your music down, please?" I asked annoyed, back to reality. At first he looked at me with passion in his eyes, but after I said that, he looked at me in annoyance. 

 "Why should I?"

 "Because I just moved in," I fired back. He scoffed.


 "So, you remember moving in! It was tiring right, and I just got settled in and I would appreciate it if you can have some respect for my sister and I," I explained. He rolled his eyes and slammed the door in my face; well, he tried. I had my foot stuck in the door. I coughed. 

 "Turn. It. Down," I said through gritted teeth. He sighed and walked into the apartment, and within 10 seconds the music was lowered to a more appropriate level. 


 I sat in Liam's lap, us of the boys and their girlfriends laughing at the memory of how we met. "You guys completely hated each other! I remember it was war between you two for months, until you guys finally realized you loved each other," Harry laughed. I laughed and Liam kissed my cheek. 

 "Well you now, not to be cocky or anything, but I did set you guys up together," Eleanor said taking all the credit. I smiled and looked at the ring on my left index finger. Liam saw me looking at the beautiful ring, took my hand and kissed my knuckle. "I love you Karlee," he whispered in my ear.


 A/N: Here you go, Karlee! Sorry if it sucked, I have like 4 other imagines to write! Please bare with me guys, I have like 4 other stories to maintain, as well as this one. But I'm sick, so I will spend the day writing more, and if I don't get to yours, I'm sorry and I will write it ASAP! (not edited)

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