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Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)


18. For: hayley_1995_babe

                                                                     (1D NOT FAMOUS)

"I'm so bored!" I groaned on the couch, to my best friend Harry sitting beside me. Ever since the day I was born, I have been best friend with Harry Styles. We are always together, all day everyday, if not, then we're on the phone talking to each other. He's the one that's always there for me, whether it's good times or bad. 

 "Wanna go somewhere fun?" He smirked. My head immediately snapped in his direction. "Hell ya, if it's fun, I'm there!" I smirked. He laughed then told me to go get dressed in a fancy outfit. I ran up my stairs while he went to his house across the street to get ready himself. I put on a black dress that had conjoining straps that made my cleavage more noticeable. I straightened my purple hair and did my makeup. I grabbed my red heels and raced downstairs to see my curly-haired best friend watching tv on the couch. 

 "Sure, just come in, don't bother knocking or ringing a doorbell," I said sarcastically, putting on my shoes. He smirked. "In all of these 19 years, when have I ever done that?" He asked. He did have a point. I shook my head. "Anyway, are you ready?" I asked. He nodded, turning off the tv, and standing up. 

 "You cleaned up good," he smirked. I smacked him in the arm. "Shut it, Styles," I said walking out the door to Harry's car. Once we got to the club, we waited in line for about 20 minutes before we got in. I followed Harry, where he headed straight to the bar. Harry ordered us two drinks and I went for the dance floor, without Harry by my side. I was dancing to the song 'Down' by when I felt hands touching my waist. I thought it was Harry so I kept dancing.

 Then, I felt lips on my neck and I knew this wasn't Harry, he wouldn't do that. I turned around and saw a really tall guy, very muscly and tan as well. "Hey cutie, my name's Dan. Would you like to meet my bed?" I smirked. I scoffed and walked away. Unfortunately, before I could walk away from the rude and arrogant boy, he tugged my arm, making me yelp in pain. 

 "Listen here you little bitch," he snarled. "No, you listen here." We both snapped our head to the voice and I silently thanked god that it was Harry. "Get your hands off my girlfriend you prick." Harry punched the guy in the face and tugged me out of the club, towards his car. 

 I sat on the hood off his car while he paced back and forth. "Did he touch you at all? Did he hurt you? What did he do? I'm going to-" I grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him in front of me. "Harry," I said softly. His eyes started watering up. "But that dude, he was-" "Harry," I said sternly again. He looked at me, then avoided my gaze by looking down. 

 "I can't do this anymore," he whispered. "Do what, Harry?" "This!" He emphasized by making arm movements between him and I. "Harry what are you-" "For christ's sake Hayley! Can't you see I love you?! I've loved you since I understood what a crush even meant. I love you," he whispered the last part. I grabbed his shoulders and made his lips meet mine. Our lips were like 2 puzzles pieces that were meant to fit together. Soon, the kiss started getting heated and his tongue asked for entrance, which I accepted. My hands were tangled in his hair and his hands were sat on my waist. What had I been missing all these years?

 A/N: um, yeah. not so sure if I like this one....but I hope you like it Hayley! this is probably the most mature I've done because well, I don't like writing about sex with one direction -_- so no, I don't write that kinda stuff. I'm going to start writing the third one, If I can finish it before I eat dinner, I'll post it, but if not, I'll do it tomorrow. Up next: Mrs.Payne991. btw guys, I go in order of ppl who comment so if I haven't done yours, don't think it's bcuz I don't wanna do it, I just do it in order. So if you want to know when I'll do yours, look at where your request stands. Next chapter, I'm going to start asking questions and the first correct answer will get a dedication. I LOVE YOU ALL! -Madi (: xx

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