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22. For: ed_sheeran_4ever

 I rolled my eyes as I heard my best friend, Georgia, squealed in excitement over the phone. "Georg, can you calm your tits? They're just stupid tickets. You're not going to meet him anyway," I groaned over the phone. "Hey, Train met his wife at his concert. Who says I can't meet him at this tournament?" She bit back. I rolled my eyes again and laughed. "You're too weird, Georg. Anyways, gotta go, I guess I have to get ready. Bye." I hung up the phone and walked to my bathroom..

 Okay, so for Georgia's 19th birthday, her dad bought her two tickets for a boxing tournament and of course, she decided to drag me with her. But it is her birthday, so I'm going to go for my best-friend. The reason as to why she is so excited is because she is obsessed with champion, Liam Payne. I've never seen the guy, or have met him before but she says he is crazy hot.

 I got into the shower and then got dressed afterwards, also doing my makeup and hair. As I waited patiently for Georgia to arrive, I thought about how much I really didn't want to go. Boxing was not my thing, I didn't like watching people punch each other and get hurt. But for some reason, Georgia enjoyed it too much.

 I heard a honk outside, so I grabbed my phone and purse, said goodbye to my parents, and walked outside.

 "Heey, sexy thang," she said once I got into the passenger seat. I laughed then gave her a hug. "Remind me again why you're so excited about this tournament?" I asked. She sighed and shook her head. "Emma, this is the championship! The two biggest boxers are competing against each other tonight! Not to mention I get to see Liam shirtless," she squealed. "And beat up," I mumbled.

 Once we arrived at the stadium, we gave our tickets to someone and made our way inside. As we sat in our seats, I realized how close we were. We were front row, in front of a corner of the ring. "I'm going to get a drink," I mumbled. I stood up from my seat and tried to maneuver myself around the crowds of people, hoping to find the food and drink counter.

 Coming to the realization that I could not find where it is, I decided to go through a door, hoping to finally find the place to get a drink. As I was walking, looking to find another door or entrance to somewhere, I felt myself being pushed onto the ground. "Ow," I groaned on the floor. I looked up and saw boy, lost at words.

 "I-I'm so, so, so, sorry, Miss. I was just rushing, and I wasn't-" "It's fine," I cut him off. "Are you sure? You're not hurt or anything?" He asked, helping me off the ground. "Positive," I smiled. "Well may I ask, what are you doing in this hallway?" He asked. "Um I was trying to find a place to get a drink," I replied sheepishly. He chuckled and grabbed my hand, pulling me in the opposite direction I was walking.

 He led me out of the door I walked through and he turned left, and next thing I knew, I was at a counter full or food and drinks. "Oh, um, thanks," I blushed. "No problem, now what do you want?" He asked smiling. I looked at him confused. "It's fine, I can get it myself." "Well, I did knock you down, so I think you deserve a free drink." He smiled and as we waited for my order, he turned to me.

 "So what's a lady like you doing here?" He asked. "Um, well my friend got tickets to see the match for her birthday so she dragged me here along."

 "Oh. Well do you like boxing?" He asked. "Honestly, no. I hate the idea of people punching and kicking each other. It's scary. And besides, I know no boxers." I replied. "Well, I happen to hear that Liam Payne, is pretty awesome." He said. The lady at the counter gave me my drink, and I mumbled a 'thanks'. The boy paid for it and he walked me towards the entrance to the room with the ring.

 "Aren't you coming?" I asked as he almost walked away. "I actually have to be someone. I'll see you soon?" He asked. I smiled and nodded, then headed to my seat.

 "Where the hell were you?" Georgia asked as I sat down. "I just ran into someone," I replied. "When does the fight start?" "It was supposed to start 15 minutes ago," she replied annoyed that she'd been waiting. Suddenly we heard music, indicating it was about to start. A man came out from a curtain onto the ring, and thanked everyone for coming, the rules, etc. Then he introduced the first boxer, as the first opponents walk-in song started playing.

 As he introduced Liam Payne, the next boxer, my eyes almost bulged out of my head. I ran into Liam Payne in the hallway, he got me a drink, and we had a conversation! That boy was Liam Payne!

 Once the match started, I tried not to look as both opponents blew punches at each other. After three horrifying rounds, Liam was named the winner. He threw both of his arms up in the air as he smiled a gigantic smile. His eyes roamed the crowd and once his eyes landed on me, he winked.

 A/N: here you go emma. I'm sorry it sucked, but today is a hard day for me. I logged on today and saw that I had a 100 comments and I got so excited, so I decided to update! But this will be my only update for the day, please understand that today is a horrible day for me, for various reasons that I will not put on here. This is dedicated to Silver_12 for being my 100th comment. Thank you so much! :) I love you all to bunches! xoxo -Madi (: xx

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