One Direction Imagines/Preferences

Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)


13. For: Ciara Brocksmith

 A/N: At the end of each chapter in my author note, it will say who is next. If you want to find out when I'm going to write you one, check there! I go in order of the comments. (One Direction famous)

 I woke up with my familiar ringtone. I wiped my eyes, still blurry from my glorious sleep last night. It was a beautiful day out today, and the sun was shining through my blinds, ruining my view. I smiled once I saw who the text was from.

 Hazza xx:  Good morning, Baby. Happy Birthday! Get dressed, I'm taking you out for you're birthday. I love you <3 xx.

 I smiled and automatically got up from bed and got dressed. I picked out a blue chiffon tank top with shorts, and my combat boots. I ran to the shower then blow dried my hair and fishtail braided my hair to the side. I put on my outfit and to top it all off, I wore my necklace that Harry got me on our 1 year anniversary. It was a diamond heart with our anniversary date and our initials. 

 I ran downstairs to find my wonderful boyfriend sitting on the couch talking to my mom holding two Starbucks drinks. "I got you the usual," he smiled. I hugged him then kissed his cheek. "Happy Birthday Ciara," He whispered then kissed me. My mom hugged me and also told me a happy birthday. 

 "So where are we going?" I asked grabbing Harry's hand in the car. "Where was the place we met?" He asked. I didn't even have to think about it. "You're taking me to Disneyland?" I beamed like a little kid. "Just for your birthday." He smiled. I squeezed his hand harder. "Excited?" He chuckled. Disneyland was my favorite, and it always has been as a kid. It's also where Harry and I met. I remember taking my little sister to Disneyland and I told her to wait so I could go to the bathroom. When I came back she was gone and I was terrified. I started screaming her name and then Harry brought her back to me, she loved him. 

 Once we arrived there, Harry bought both of our tickets which made me smile. He was so sweet, he spoils me too. Since I haven't been here since a year ago, I went on all the rides. Once it reached night time, we headed over to Cinderella's castle to see the fireworks and some concerts play. "I'll be right back, I'm going to the bathroom," he whispered in my ear. 

 After about 20 minutes, I began to worry because Harry wasn't back. All of the sudden, I started hearing his voice. I looked up, and there was my boyfriend on the stage, alone with his 4 best mates. "Today, is a very special evening," Louis said. "It is my beautiful girlfriend, Ciara's birthday," Harry finished. "So, we're going to sing happy birthday for her!" Liam yelled. 

 Once they started singing, everyone else in the crowd started singing too. I looked at Harry and smiled and he looked at me and winked. After they sung me a Happy Birthday, they sung their famous song, What Makes You Beautiful. After we left Disneyland, he took me home and we spent the evening with my family. 

 A/N: Hope you liked it Ciara (: I kinda liked this one a lot. Anyway, fav/comment/like and fan me. It'll mean the world to me! Since I'm writing like 6 imagines today, I'm not going to edit them so if I make a mistake, I'm sorry :( Also, if you absolutely hate yours, tell me in the comment section and I'll re-write one for you (: Up next: Niall ate my name. Much love, Madi xx 

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