One Direction Imagines/Preferences

Imagination is key :) (some 1D not famous)


2. For: 1Dlover2019


 "I pulled my reddish/brownish hair to the side and sighed. I pulled open the door to the super market, and instally went to the vegetable section. I roamed through all the various types of vegetables; tomatoes, cabbage,celery, lettuce,carrots! I grabbed  the bag of carrots, feeling lucky I got the last one, until I felt another hand on the bag. I looked up and saw a mop of curly hair and the most memorizing green orbs I've ever seen in my entire life.

 'Excuse me, but I grabbed the bag first,' the boy smirked. 

 'Well curly, all of those curls must be sinking into your brain because I was the one who grabbed it first,' I fired back.

 'Well, if I don't get these, my friend with eat my finger off. Literally.'

 'Too bad curly, they're mine.' I tackled him to the ground and smirked a triumphant smile. I started doing this happy dance because carrots have always been my favorite. He was confused, yet amused at the same time. I started doing my famous, 'happy dance' then, I saw my friend Kat walk towards me. She started laughing hysterically at me, because she loves it when I do the happy dance. We both started walking towards the cash register until, we were stopped by 4 boys. 

 'I see you two lovely ladies have earned the last bag of carrots. I also seem to notice you knocked my friend down. And just for that, I deserve the last bag of carrots,' The boy in stripes retorted, after all 4 of them stopped laughing when they saw curly on the ground. 

 'Too bad, I grabbed them first.' I said.

 'Well then, I think I may have a solution. Why don't we all share the carrots back at my apartment?' Curly said, suddenly popping up into the conversation. Kat and I looked at each other and smiled. That day, we spent an incredible night eating carrots and pizza together, and getting to know each other. 3 months later, your daddy and I fell in love, and Uncle Louis also fell for Kat. Then, 5 months later we got married and had you," I told my 2 year old daughter. She giggled and clapped her hands. "Tell another story mommy," She pleaded.


 A/N: Hope you liked it Kacey! Sorry if it's bad, I'm really tired and not very focused. Hope you liked the last part I added, I thought it was kind of sweet (: Anyway, thank you for requesting, 1Dlover2019! .xx


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 I DON'T do dirty imagines! Sorry, haha. 

 Also, I will do preferences randomly, if you want to leave suggestions, feel free to comment cause' I'll surely run out of ideas. Thanksss (: ~ Madison .xx


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