♥ One Direction Imagines (13+) ♥

One Direction Imagines!
Also, some imagines will be mature content


3. When You Guys Fight Pt. 2


You guys are sitting on the couch cuddling watching TV. Suddenly, you hear your phone go off with Liam's part of Little Things. He chuckles as you answer your phone. He then says, "Who texted you?" "No one." You say. "Was it.... Ed?" He sounded jealous. "Yes, babe. Why?" You got comfortable again. "Your all smiling at his text!" He said sternly. "It was a joke." You say not making eye contact with him. He got up causing you to fall over on the couch because of how you were leaning on him. 

"Are you okay, Liam?" "No im not!" He replies furiously. He was raising his voice now. "Liam, it was just a joke he sent me!" "Whatever, (Y/N)" "I don't get jealous when your with a girl or a girl texts you!!" "That's because they're my fans!" You were silent. "Fine, if you want to be like this, then fine." You teared up. "What now!" he yelled. "SHUT UP LIAM! YOU APPARENTLY DONT TRUST ME!" He was taken back. There was a silence. You slid down the wall and cried silently. He slid down next to you. "Sorry, babe." He let you cry in his chest. You guys made up and fell asleep.



"Your such a bitch!" He yells at you. "Zayn! Your such a prick even thinking i would cheat on you." "Your probably just using me, like all my other girlfriends!" "And i'm like all the others!" You tear up knowing your not as beautiful or as special as all the other girls he had. You run out of the door without warning, you get hit by a car. The last thing you see is Zayn crying.

You wake up in the hospital. You hear Zayn say, "Oh thank god your awake!" You could tell he was crying. Puffy cheeks, red eyes. "Im so sorry baby!" "I love you, Zayn..." He kisses you.

2 weeks later you guys are the cutest couple in the magazines and by the boys.




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