♥ One Direction Imagines (13+) ♥

One Direction Imagines!
Also, some imagines will be mature content


2. When You Guys Fight Pt. 1


Harry had came home drunk and you were furious because of how he promised you not to drink. Well as they say, promises were meant to be broken. You were casually watching TV and then he walked through the door. "Hey babe," he slurred.You stood up. "Harry, where the hell were you?! It's 11 o'clock!" "I don't need to listen to you, bitch." You were taken back. he hasn't called you names before. "Whatever Harry." you try to walk away but he grabs your wrist. "Let go, Harry! Your hurting me!" "DO NOT TALK BACK TO ME!" You were crying at this point and didn't know what to do. By this time he slapped you. You hold your cheek and tears coming out. You were shocked. Harry has never touched you. He came to his senses. "Oh my god! (Y/N) I'm so sorry!" By now he was crying also. "Your a prick, Harry." You yell as you run into the bathroom. He's chasing you. He stops you but kisses you this time. "Im sorry!" he says with a cracked voice. "I will never do that to you again. and i wont drink." You could tell he meant it. he didnt cry last time. You guys fell asleep in each others arms.



Louis has been stressed out and has been taking it out on you lately. You were watching TV when suddenly Louis comes in the door mumbling cuss words. You walk into the kitchen following him. "How's the boys and work?" You ask. "Do you have to know how the boys are everyday! When can I get a fucking break!" He says sternly. "Louis, whats been going on with you lately?" "Why do you have to know? Your always in my business!" He was now raising his voice. You get scared and run upstairs and lock the door to your bedroom you share with Louis. You cry in a corner of your room. then you hear Louis' footsteps. He lightly knocks on the door knowing you've been crying and that he scared you. "(Y/N), open up," he says softly. "i'm sorry. work hasn't been going right and i've been so stressed. im taking it out on you. I'm sorry, please forgive me." You open the door and saw tears in his eyes. You hug him and whisper in his ear that your sorry also. You have a movie night and fall asleep.

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