♥ One Direction Imagines (13+) ♥

One Direction Imagines!
Also, some imagines will be mature content


1. When He Kisses You In The Rain


It was your birthday and your boyfriend had just broke up with you. You walk home crying carrying your heels, because your feet hurt from running away from him. 

You see car headlights but didn't worry about. "Hey, Love, why are you out here alone?" You hear someone say. You know it's your best friend, Harry. You turn around trying not to cry but he comes out of the car, knowing what happened and he lets you have his shoulder to cry on. He comforts you for a while, then breaks the silence that has been going on for a while and says, "He didn't deserve you, (Y/N)." "I know but why on my birthday?" you say as you look up. "I don't know. But i know one person who will love you more than anything. And as a friend." "Who?" And with that he kisses you and you guys date.



You run out of you and your boyfriend, Louis's house. You and him just got into a prank war and you threw a water balloon at him and you ran out of the house into the rain, knowing you would get wet anyway. You run onto the street and Louis comes out. "Wanna play that game? Fine" He says sassy and you can't help but laugh. You run off into the back yard. you stop and not knowing Louis grabs you from behind. "Let me down, Tommo!" "NEVER!" You laugh hysterically. He lets you down and you guys look at each other and he kisses you in the rain. "I love you, (Y/N)" "Love you too, Boobear!"



You and Niall walk out of Nandos in the rain. It has been raining for 3 days and youve always wanted to kiss the guy you love in the rain but he hasn't made a move. You think that hes just nervous but then you might have to make the first move. When you got home, you got of the car and start walking in the house but Niall holds you back. "Niall? why are you holding me back its raining out here?" You say while laughing. "I just want to do this." You start to face hime and he leans in and kisses you.



"Zayn!" You yell. You had no shorts, only jeans and sweats, so you decided that you would go shopping with him. the only problem was it was raining. "Babe, your fine, now c'mon." He says. You get into the car and he drives to the mall. You bought 5 shorts from Hollister and 3 shorts from Aeropostal (A/N: idk how to spell it, lol). You drive home with Zayn in the passenger seat. "Thanks, babe." You say, "Anything for you" he says smiling at you. you smile back. You put your clothes up and then, you go back outside with Zayn and sit on the swings in the park you met at. It sttarted raining again and you try to run but he grabs your arm and he kisses you for a full 6 seconds. "I love you, (Y/N)" "I love you too, Zayn" 



You and Liam have been dating for 1 year. it was your annaverery  today and Liam took you out to eat at your favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. "I love you, Li! Thanks so much!" "No problem, baby. Happy annaversery!" You smile uncontrollably. You went home and when you got out of the car he kissed you. The best part was when it was raining.  


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