♥ One Direction Imagines (13+) ♥

One Direction Imagines!
Also, some imagines will be mature content


5. Niall For Lauren


You are sitting at home on your laptop. Niall is on tour so you can't call him or hang out with him. You guys have been dating for 5 weeks now and it's going really well. You are bored and decided to go to the park you guys met at. You start to check your Facebook, Twitter, etc. and sit on the swings. 

For a while, you feel like your being watched. You start walking home but he follows you. You walk faster, he walks faster. You run, he runs. You finally turn around. 

"Dude! What's your problem!" You say. He didn't answer and just picks you up bridal style and carries you to your home.

"How do you know where i live? Stalker!" You reply.

He takes off his sunglasses and hat. You realize that is the Irish, blonde, charming boyfriend. Niall. You hug him. "I thought you were on tour!" You yell. "I missed you too much..." he replies. He kisses you and you guys have a movie day.


Hey Lauren! Hope you liked it! I kinda ran out of ideas and then it hit me! So there ya go!

Jessica ♥ 

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