♥ One Direction Imagines (13+) ♥

One Direction Imagines!
Also, some imagines will be mature content


6. Louis For Martina

You wake up and realize your boyfriend, Louis, isn't in the bed with you. You get up and you walk downstairs. You hear Louis singing to We Found Love by Rihanna as he made breakfast. You giggle and walk behind him and place your hand aroundhis waist and hug him from behind. He turns around. 


"Good Morning, Love." You giggle of how he calls you 'Love' all the time. "Good Morning, babe. So watcha makin'?" You ask

"French Toast." "My favorite. Are you okay, Louis?" "Why wouldn't I be?" "You make me french toast when somethings the problem." "I feel like im not a good boyfriend." You are in shock in slap his arm.

"Ow!" "LOUIS! DONT SAY THAT!" He kisses you. "Your the only one i want." You say. He sighs and when the french toast is done, you eat it.  You start chewing and you catch something in your mouth. Louis smirks and chuckles. You take it out and clean it off. "Louis?" What did you do?" He takes the ring and gets down on one knee. "Martina, I love you. I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?" "OF COURSE!" He picks you up and he kisses you.



Im so sorry its late! :( i feel bad. but um, i hope you liked it. 


-Jessica ♥

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