Run Away

Ever since Noelle's father left the family her mother has been abusing her everyday and forces her to everything and rarely feeds her. Her mom treats her like her own personal slave and when Noelle refuses to do as she says she gets punished to almost death. Noelle has always wanted to run away from her but everytime she tries she gets caught. Will she finally get lucky and run away from "hell"? Who knows..


7. Truth or Dare




"So what time are we leaveing for the boardwalk?" I asked. "Probably about six, that's when it opens." Zayn said. "Oh wow thats not until a while, we should do something until then instead of sit on our butts." I suggested. "Yea hmm OH! We should play truth or dare!" Louis shouted. Everyone agreed but me. "Oh come on Noelle it will be fun." Harry said trying to get me to play. "Oh.. Ok fine Ill  play." I mumbled and I joined everyone else in the circle in the middle of the floor and we began to play.  "Ok ill go first." Louis said looking around to see who he would choose. Oh please don't pick me. Please don't pick me. Please don't pick me. "Hmmm... Noelle!" He shouted and pointed at me. "Dammit." I whispered. "Truth or dare?" He asked "Um dare." I said. "I dare you to kiss... Niall!" He said pointing at Niall. "Uhhh." I looked at Harry  he didn't look happy and he could tell I was uncomfortable with this. "I can't do that I'm with Harry." I said. "Come on its just a dare it won't mean anything." Niall said. "Wait. wait. Are you saying you want to kiss me?" I asked shocked. "Sure why not." He shrugged.  I looked over to harry he looked really pissed. "Niall i suggest you don't." He said through gritted teeth. Niall ignored Harry and  started getting closer to me "Niall please don't I'm serious." I backed away until I backed into a wall and he kissed me! I tried to push him off but he wouldn't budge. Finally he stopped kissing me. "WHAT THE FUCK NIALL!" I screamed. "Hey it was just a dare."He said. "YEA BUT NUMBER ONE!" I said counting on my fingers "LOUIS SAID KISS AKA A PECK NOT MAKE OUT." I continued to count. "NUMBER TWO, I TOLD YOU NOT TO AND SO DID HARRY!" I yelled standing up. I saw guilt in his eyes and I felt kinda bad for screaming at him but he shouldn't have done that. As Niall stood up Harry came behind him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.. "DON'T EVER FUCKING TOUCH HER!" He was about to punch him but i stopped him. "No harry please! Don't hurt him I can't stand seeing anyone in pain." I calmed harry down and he put Niall on the ground and Niall ran upstairs. "Im sorry Noelle.. I just have a really bad temper." Harry said "Its ok. Niall shouldn't of done what he did and he knows for sure he did wrong now." I hugged him. I looked back at everyone they were just in shocked. "Wow what the hell?!" Louis said looking back in the direction Niall went. No ones ever seen this side of harry before. 



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